February 19, 2020

Esports: competitive, organized video gaming is taking Washington, DC by storm. The city’s newest Esports team, the Washington Justice, begin their new OverWatch League season and home games this month. Even DC’s traditional teams are taking advantage of this expanding sports world. The Washington Capitals have a sub brand of the team in the Esports world referred to as, “Caps Gaming” while the Washington Wizards have “Wizards District Gaming” and compete in the NBA 2K League. DC’s newest sports arena that opened in September 2018, the Entertainment and Sports Arena (ESA), is home to both traditional and Esports. Even the US Navy and other armed forces branches are sponsoring Esports tournaments.

Come learn how Esports is gripping the DC sports scene and is riding the wave of the future for the Washington metro in sports, tourism, and economic development.

The program was sponsored by the NYU Tisch Institute for Global Sport, in collaboration with the John Brademas Center of New York University. This forum highlighted the Esports scene in the Washington, DC metro area and how Esports has become a microcosm of what is taking place in cities across the United States.

Please note that this program was filmed and photographed.

Welcoming Remarks


Given by Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport's Elizabeth Haas, Adjunct Instructor, and Lee Igel, Clinical Associate Professor.  


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Mark Ein

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