March 31, 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) can solve the world’s biggest challenges, but without thoughtful design, automated decision-making systems can pose risks and perpetuate injustices. When organizations adopt new technologies without regard to the wider social, economic, cultural, and political contexts, they can endanger privacy and security and exacerbate existing inequities in ways that are difficult to reverse.

The John Brademas Center and NYU Tandon co-hosted a conversation focused on the broader impact of AI on society. A group of leading experts joined the conversation including Heather Dowdy, Senior Program Manager, AI & Accessibility at Microsoft; Susan Gonzales, CEO at AI and You; Mona Sloane, Fellow at The Institute for Public Knowledge; and Julia Stoyanovich, NYU Center for Data Science and NYU Center for Responsible AI at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Rachel Metz, Senior Writer, CNN Business moderated this discussion on the societal impacts of technology and share the tools needed to pursue responsible AI use.

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Heather Dowdy

Rachel Metz (Moderator)

Susan Gonzales

Julia Stoyanovich

Mona Sloane