Monday, December 14, 2020

fact or fake blocks

Are you bombarded with Covid19 information and election related information? Can you identify facts from fiction? Are you sure you’re not aiding the spread of misinformation and “Fake News”?

The dissemination of fake news on social media platforms is a troubling and destructive trend with dire implications for the election and reducing Covid19 cases. That’s why everyone from large tech companies to colleges and universities are stepping up to create solutions that combat fake news.

A recent study from NYU Tandon and Abu Dhabi Research Institute researchers revealed that pairing headlines with credibility alerts from fact-checkers, the public, news media and even artificial intelligence (AI), can reduce peoples’ intention to share misinformation. This conversation focused on how new AI tools could help social media networks and news organizations weed out fake news.

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Hoda Alkhzaimi

Siddharth Garg

Rachel Greenstadt

Nasir Memon

Christina Pöpper

Steven Rosenbaum, moderator