Testimonies of Steven Kuyan and Julia Stoyanovich before New York City Council Committee on Technology regarding Int 1894-2020: “Sale of automated employment decision tools” | November 12, 2020

Testimony of Julia Stoyanovich  

In this testimony, Julia makes the following recommendations:

  1. Auditing: The scope of auditing for bias should be expanded beyond disparate impact to include other dimensions of discrimination, and to also convey information about a tool’s effectiveness. Audits should be based on a set of uniform publicly available criteria.
  2. Disclosure: Information about job qualifications or characteristics for which the tool was used to screen should be disclosed to a job seeker in a manner that is comprehensible and actionable.
  3. An informed public: To be truly effective, this law requires an informed public. I recommend that New York City invests resources into informing members of the public about data, algorithms, and automated decision making, using hiring ADS as a concrete and important example.

Testimony of Steven Kuyan

In this testimony, Steven makes the following recommendations:

1.     Standardizing Auditing. Starting with employment tools, there is an incredible opportunity for NYC to help encourage a standardization of auditing of automated decision systems.

2.     Transparent liability. Current software vendors are not disclosing that those that use their technology and act on the recommendations of their systems are liable for those decisions. This bill must make that a priority.