NYU’s advocacy has been crucial to advancing higher education initiatives, expanding access to higher education through financial aid, securing resources to support the University’s research agenda, and participating in local economic development efforts.

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Higher Education Policy

NYU advocates and liaisons, including students and alumni, have helped legislators create better opportunities for college hopefuls everywhere to gain access to higher education. Many of these students attend NYU: federal financial aid supports approximately 57% of our undergraduate student body, while New York State aid programs support NYU undergraduate students through more than $13 million in direct financial assistance.

Statements and Letters of Support for Legislation  

Immigration Policy

NYU is bound together as a community, each member valued, each member belonging here, each member deserving of the support that NYU can give. Documented or undocumented, these are our peers, colleagues, and friends. It is vital that the higher education community is able to move across borders in peaceful pursuit of one's scholarship. NYU closely follows immigration policies that will impact our community and provides regular updates.

Statements and Letters on Recent Executive Actions  

Research Initiatives and Economic Development

Health Policy

Testimony to the Government

Often, NYU Administrators, faculty or students will provide testimony in front of a government body such as a Congressional Hearing or a NYC City Council Hearing.  Such testimony can be on a variety of topics depending on a particular faculty member's expertise or a current topic that impacts the University as a whole.

Recent Testimony

Academic Affiliations

NYU collaborates with associations dedicated to expanding and strengthening the government’s investment in research, financial aid, and higher education.

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