NYU Government Affairs sponsors annual student trips to Albany and Washington, DC in support of financial aid programs in addition to facilitating administrative and faculty interactions with government officials on University business and research.


Hands-on Advocacy: NYU in Albany Day and NYU in DC Day

NYU Government Affairs facilitates annual face-to-face meetings students to discuss the importance of financial aid with their legislative representatives at the State Capitol in Albany and on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. Your advocacy is crucial to securing the expansion of financial aid programs and bringing better access to higher education to many more would-be students.

John Brademas Center

The John Brademas Center of New York University aims to increase the public understanding of Congress and the role it plays in government policies. The Center hosts public events, conducts research, and assists in internship placement for NYU students in the Washington, D.C. area.

Get Out the Vote

Voting is an important civic duty, and whether you choose to do so in the state of New York or your home state, we are providing some important tools to make sure you are ready for the voting booth.

If you are a New York State resident, visit New York State Board of Elections to learn about state voter registration deadlines and to register to vote in the next election. If you are an out-of-state resident, visit the Election Assistance Commission to learn about state voter registration deadlines across the country and to register to vote in state and national elections.

Faculty and Staff Lobbying Rules and Compliance

If you plan on participating in meetings with government officials in Washington D.C., Albany, or New York City, please review the University policies on lobbying prior to your meetings. NYU Government Affairs can serve as a valuable reference tool for your trip, helping you set up meetings with elected officials and keeping you up to date on changes in lobbying laws.

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