NYU is a top driver of New York’s local and regional economy. The University:

  • is one of New York City’s largest employers
  • accelerates economic activity through business development and technological innovations
  • contributes financial assistance and volunteer aid to hundreds of nonprofit organizations
  • attracts tens of thousands of students, scholars, and visitors to NYC
  • generates billions of dollars of state and city tax revenue
  • supports countless vendors and contractors through direct procurements and indirect spending multipliers

Report: NYU's Economic Impact Profile

NYU commissioned a survey of economic impact profile, using data from 2014 (the year with the most complete data available at the time of the study). Explore highlights below or read the full report: "The Economic Impact of New York University"

START-UP NY Program at NYU

NYU's Incubator programs have been designated as tax-free areas through the New York State program called START-UP NY which provides tax benefits to companies who create new jobs annually.  Businesses that are accepted into NYU's incubators can apply to the START-UP NY program. Please note that a company must first be accepted into NYU's incubators before seeking acceptance into the START-UP NY program at NYU.

Learn more about the START-UP NY program

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