NYU is a top driver of New York’s local and regional economy. The University:

  • is one of New York City’s largest employers
  • accelerates economic activity through business development and technological innovations
  • contributes financial assistance and volunteer aid to hundreds of nonprofit organizations
  • attracts tens of thousands of students, scholars, and visitors to NYC
  • generates billions of dollars of state and city tax revenue
  • supports countless vendors and contractors through direct procurements and indirect spending multipliers

Report: NYU Community Impact

New York University has been a force behind entrepreneurship, sustainability, employment, and charitable giving, in New York City and New York State as well as abroad, shows the university’s inaugural Community Impact Report.

START-UP NY Program at NYU

NYU's Incubator programs have been designated as tax-free areas through the New York State program called START-UP NY which provides tax benefits to companies who create new jobs annually.  Businesses that are accepted into NYU's incubators can apply to the START-UP NY program. Please note that a company must first be accepted into NYU's incubators before seeking acceptance into the START-UP NY program at NYU.

Learn more about the START-UP NY program