2018 Teach/Tech Award Nomination Form

The selection committee for teaching awards, including the Golden Dozen, invites nominations for these awards. If you are a student or faculty member and wish to nominate a professor who creatively employs technology in the classroom, please use this form. Thank you for your help in recognizing and supporting this initiative.

Nomination Deadline: February 23, 2018

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Nominee Department/Program

First, please answer the following questions for all courses that apply to the person you are nominating:
What is the name and number of the course(s)?
In what semester and year did you take the course(s)?   

Second, please inform the committee why you think the professor did an exceptional job of fostering and enhancing your learning through the use of technology. Please try to confine your evaluation to 250 words or less for each question.
How did the professor employ technology to enhance the content of the course(s)?
What were the major learning objectives that the professor hoped to achieve in the course(s)?
To what extent did the instructor achieve those learning objectives through the use of technology?
Any additional comments as it relates to this award?