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Selecting courses is the first step in registration at New York University. After, all students who enroll for courses will receive an e-mail at their official NYUHome e-mail address (; notifying them to log onto the NYU Electronic Suite (eSuite), and view an eBill for tuition, fees and housing.

*Please note: It will only be sent your NYUHome address. It will not be provided to a secondary e-mail address in the Albert Student Information System. However, students can also invite parents or other users to create their own eSuite account. Click here for more eSuite information.

The eBill will show charges and credits for the upcoming semester and any balance from a previous term. You must pay both the current and prior term balances in order for your registration to be processed. Credits listed on your statement include both actual financial aid and anticipated loans.

You may pay your current term balance due in full, or you may pay half now and defer the other half until later in the term by participating in the Deferred Payment Plan. Half payment must be accompanied by a completed Deferment Plan form. NYU offers several other payment plans to assist you in either budgeting or financing your education.

For students receiving tuition remission, receiving third-party credit, or using an installment plan, please use the Payment Worksheet to calculate your total amount due.