Greetings and Friendship

Porteños are extremely friendly and will greet friends with a kiss on the cheek. On first meeting a friend will introduce you to another friend, who will probably greet you with a kiss on the cheek. You will naturally start greeting your new friend with a kiss every time you see him or her, but that first introduction is needed before you start greeting others with a kiss. It is up to you to adopt this custom; if you don't feel comfortable, Argentines are pretty easygoing and likely to understand.

Another custom of the Argentines is to drink mate, traditional beverage made of strong herbal tea, with their close friends. If you are invited to join this affectionate custom be prepared to share the same mate cup with others while engaging in some interesting conversation.

A Warm People

Once you arrive in Buenos Aires, you'll be surprised by the amiability and openness of the Argentines. This makes it easy to meet Argentines and make Argentine friends. Argentines enjoy conversing with people from abroad, exchanging ideas and sharing views. Making local friends will help you practice your Spanish and learn more about everyday life in Buenos Aires.

A Diverse Urban Experience

Visitors to Buenos Aires are invited to explore the city's various barrios (neighborhoods), from elegant Recoleta, which maintains an intricate blend of Spanish colonial and French classical architecture; to boisterous La Boca, Buenos Aires' most Bohemian quarter, famous for the brightly painted houses that line its colorful streets; to historic San Telmo, one of the city's most beautiful barrios, known for its trendy cafes and popular antique shops.

Famed as the birthplace of the passionate tango, Buenos Aires is also home to the world-famous Teatro Colón, numerous museums and theaters, and a botanical garden that draws enthusiasts from around the world.

The locals, known as Porteños, are a friendly people who live their lives passionately. Throughout the city, you will find groups of people discussing world politics, economics, fashion, and football (soccer) in an animated style that is distinctly Argentine.


Most days in Buenos Aires are sunny and temperate, with a light, clean breeze flowing through the city.

Because it is in the southern hemisphere, Buenos Aires is the inverse of North America. Buenos Aires' winter lasts from June to September, and is comparatively milder than New York. Spring and summer are often humid, and summer especially can be quite hot.