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Sudents attending event in Buenos Aires


Colloquium on art, memory and politics

The ESMA Memory Site Museum – Former Clandestine Center of Detention, Torture and Extermination shows the history of the place and its main role in the organization of State terrorism between 1976 and 1983. It describes the characteristics of illegal repression based on forced disappearance of people and puts visitors in contact with the testimonies of the victims. It also invites locals, visitors, and especially students to reflect on the triumph of the peaceful opposition and the Human Rights institutions to achieve a social consensus in many cases and continue the efforts as a site of evidence in justice processes. The Art, Memory, and Politics Colloquium was conducted in support of the nomination for the ESMA Memory Site Museum to the World Heritage Site, as a testimony of crime against humanity and a symbol of the value of social consensus as a means for justice.

Entrevista Abierta Encuentro con Boris groys Flyer

Art, memory and politics local colloquium, July 7

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