Art & Politics in the City

In this immersive course experience, students spend one semester in Buenos Aires and one in New York, exploring topics of urban aesthetics, social justice, global cultures, digital humanities and mapping. This course also offers students an opportunity to gain urban fieldwork experience by incorporating hands-on, grounded research into their programs of study.

Overlooking a green park on a sunny day

Learn about Argentine Society while Improving your Conversational Skills

Do you want to learn about current events in Argentina and how they are connected with the country’s past? For example, why and how is the stereotype of Argentina as a “European” country in Latin America still productive to certain social actors? What populations have been invisibilized by this myth? What about the First Nations that reside and struggle for their rights in the Southern Cone? Is Spanish the only language spoken in this country? Argentina Today and La Lengua de Buenos Aires are not just conversation courses (although they are that, too!) - they are windows into the city and the country, its cultures, its nuances and the intersection between local and global issues.

Students exploring MALBA Museum

Historia Cultural: Ciudad, Paisaje, y Arquitectura

Explore the rich architecture and diverse landscapes that cover the South American continent. This course aims to use literature and the visual arts as a lens for studying the cultural geography and architectural theories in Latin America. 

Argentine Congress building

Political Institutions and Economic Policy

Learn about Argentine policy making from Dr. Mariano Tommasi. A former Guggenheim fellow and former President of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association who publishes regularly in top academic journals.