Experiential Learning Seminar

Select students can now stay on track for their degree while gaining valuable work experience. Students selected for the course Experiential Learning Seminar complete a minimum of 10 hours per week at an approved internship field site.  Students also participate in a weekly seminar designed to help students reflect and learn from their experience.   An application and permission to enroll in the course is required.  For more information about this course, please click here.

Volunteer Program

NYU Buenos Aires offers up to 15 placements for students to participate in the Volunteer Program. The program consists in a semester long commitment with a requirement of 6 to 8 hours per week. Volunteering is a unique way to immerse oneself into the local community and experience first-hand the different nuances of the day to day functioning of Argentine institutions that work in fields such as education, health, public policy, environment & sustainability, art, politics, and social & economic development.  

The Volunteer Program offers opportunities collaborating in these various areas depending on the student’s preferences/schedule and the organization’s needs/schedule at time of application. Placements depend heavily on Spanish language ability but does not exclude non-Spanish speakers from placement. Thus, application should not be discouraged due to language level.

Students can fill out an early application at the following link. It is suggested that students complete the application before the deadline for the Fall 2018 semester, which is July 27th, 2018. Student Life staff will evaluate student profiles to seek the possibility of a match with their preferred organization indicated in their application using the aforementioned criteria. Student Life Staff will contact applicants around 3 weeks prior to the student’s arrival.

Apart from the hours of volunteering during the semester, students will be required to have a short interview with the Office of Student Life and the organization at the beginning of the semester, partake in individual check-ins with Student Life staff, attend the group volunteer meeting, and complete two online evaluations.

Placement Organizations

Click here for a list of organizations

Community Service Day

NYU Buenos Aires offers a community service day that opens up a moment in the semester to give back to the community for a day, or even a few hours. In the past, they have consisted and included helping sort donations at a food bank, knitting blankets with senior citizens, assisting a public library organize their books, and playing with youth that live a harsher day to day reality in the city. Each semester varies in regards to when the day is offered and what the engagement entails.

Learning About the Arts and Culture

Learning beyond the classroom is an important component of the NYU Buenos Aires academic curriculum. Many classes meet outside the classroom to take full advantage of all the cultural and academic resources the city offers.  Visits to museums, art galleries, concerts, and theatres as well as special guest lectures are considered an integral part of day-to-day course work. In the past, students have visited, as part of their class work, the famous Malba museum (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires), where you can find some of Latin America's best contemporary art and La Casa Rosada (the Pink House); the Presidential Palace located in the famous Plaza de Mayo, site of many of Argentina's key historical events. Journalism students visited the editorial offices of Argentina's largest daily newspaper, Clarín, and listened to lectures given by government officials as well as the children of the "desaparecidos," activists who were abducted or killed during the Dirty War. Music students attended a number of performances by well-known Latin American musicians in and out of the classroom. In the courses Tango and Mass Culture, students visited a milonga and toured the neighborhoods of San Telmo and La Boca where the Tango was born.