Located in Recoleta neighborhood, the NYU Buenos Aires Academic Center is only a block from Avenida Santa Fe, a busy avenue lined by shops, restaurants, and banks. The subway system of Buenos Aires, Subte, is efficient and easy to use, with the closest station only a few blocks away.

The Academic Center is housed in an architecturally stunning, Tudor-style building that was home to the Angolan Embassy. Most classrooms and administrative offices are located here, along with a small book collection, a computer lab, a meditation space, a quiet room, a lounge/study space equipped with wireless Internet, and a dining area with a kitchenette.

Classes at NYU Buenos Aires are held in the Center and in an adjacent building, only 1 block from the Academic Center. Each of the classrooms features a computer and a projector. The computer lab contains Apple iMac computers, printers and a scanner, while the book collection offers you the chance to study silently and comfortably, surrounded by Argentina's most important historical and literary works.

Between classes, you can relax or study in the lounge, and read copies of local publications like La Nación, Clarín, and The Rolling Stone. If hungry, you can heat up delicious empanadas in the adjoining kitchenette; if you want to use the Internet to email friends and family, the computer lab is always available.

We also have a small meditation space, open for prayer, meditation and relaxing, and a quiet room with a telephone for international calls and a computer.

In the surrounding neighborhood, you will find shops for your every need, inexpensive cafes, and a number of remarkable bookstores like El Ateneo, a Buenos Aires landmark located in a restored 20th century theatre that's just a short bus ride from the Center.

Whether you go to study or just to relax, the sprawling green parks of nearby Palermo offer you the perfect opportunity to enjoy Buenos Aires' pleasant weather.