Director Dr. Gabriella Etmektsoglou

Program Director

Academic Coordinator Dr. Roland Pietsch

Assistant Director, Academic Programs


Due to the ongoing pandemic, NYU Berlin is offering a reduced number of courses and therefore not all lecturers listed here are currently teaching a course.

Andryej Ancygier

Portrait Axel Bangert

Kimberly Bradley

Elke Brüns

Kandice Chapman Picture

NYU Berlin LecturerPierre Depaz

Portrait Mathew Dryhurst

Portrait Peter Blair Henry

Half-profile of blonde woman looking at camera

NYU Berlin Lecturer Guido Hesselmann

NYU Berlin Lecturer Heiko Hoffmann

Portrait Tarek Ibrahim

Ares Kalandides

Christine Corte

Short-haired woman with colorful glasses in summer scene.

Robert Lippok Photo

Sven Ohl Picture

Man with glasses in front of block-colored wall

Antje Rebecchi

NYU Berlin Lecturer Colin Self

Portrait Paul Sigel

Felix Steilen, bearded man with glasses in front of bokeh tree

Bearded, curly-haired man in old-style apartment

Carolyn Taratko

Portrait Denise Uhl

Portrait of Lysann Zander