Director Dr. Gabriella Etmektsoglou

Program Director

Academic Coordinator Dr. Roland Pietsch

Assistant Director, Academic Programs


Due to the ongoing pandemic, NYU Berlin is offering a reduced number of courses and therefore not all lecturers listed here are currently teaching a course.

Andryej Ancygier

Kimberly Bradley

Elke Brüns

NYU Berlin LecturerPierre Depaz

NYU Berlin Lecturer Katrin Dettmer

NYU Berlin Lecturer Sasha Disko

Portrait Mathew Dryhurst

NYU Berlin Lecturer Miriam Führer

Portrait Peter Blair Henry

NYU Berlin Lecturer Guido Hesselmann

NYU Berlin Lecturer Heiko Hoffmann

Portrait Elisabeth Höhne

Ares Kalandides

Robert Lippok Photo

Jessica Menz

Stephanie Pearson

Antje Rebecchi

NYU Berlin Lecturer Colin Self

Portrait Denise Uhl

Portrait Carsten Wieland

Portrait of Lysann Zander