Dr. Gabriella Etmektsoglou

Dr. Gabriella Etmektsoglou



As Director of NYU Berlin since 2010, Gabriella oversees its academic and administrative activities and develops relationships with local and international Universities and research institutions. Before joining NYU she taught subjects in Modern European History in universities in the U.S., Europe, and in Australia. She is a founding member of the National Peace Academy and committed to reshaping higher education, especially Global education, so that it becomes a central driver in creating a more humane and sustainable world. She is also continuing her research and writing on the Holocaust in Greece and on narratives of self-victimization in present-day Germany.  

Dr. Ares Kalandides

Dr. Ares Kalandides

Academic Advisor


As an academic advisor Ares coordinates communication with and among faculty members, assists the director in curriculum and site development, and oversees the organization of academic events at NYU Berlin. As a trained urban scholar with several decades of experience both in consultancy and in higher education, he strongly believes that today’s universities can be a key player in the development of emerging adults as informed, free-thinking, happy, creative, and democratic people.  He also continues his research on issues of citizen participation in urban governance.

Kandice Nora Chapman

Kandice Nora Chapman

Coordinator of Academic Life  


As Coordinator of Academic Life, Kandice strives to ensure that the academic experience of students is as fulfilling and enriching as possible. In this role, she assists in advising students and instructors in matters of academic interest. She has also been instructing German language courses at NYU Berlin since 2016. Since receiving her M.A. in Teaching German as a Foreign Language at Humboldt Universität in 2015, she has taught at various other local educational institutions and universities, and uses her close contact with students as the guiding factor in her work. In her personal life, Kandice enjoys surrealistic film, good food, and swing dance. She lives in (and loves) her neighborhood Friedrichshain.

Portrait Jennifer Porto

Jennifer Porto

Arts Coordinator


As Arts Coordinator at NYU Berlin, Jennifer supports students, lecturers, and academic staff in NYU Berlin's music and drama programs, and facilitates individual courses in studio art and art history. Born and raised in Iowa, USA, Jennifer moved to Leipzig in 2005 as a Fulbright scholar, and soon decided to make Germany her home. After a career as an opera singer, she pivoted to higher education and study abroad experiences, including teaching undergraduate courses in cinema and Weimar-era performance. In addition to being passionate about sustainability, she is a big fan of Berlin's rich cultural landscape and enjoys introducing others to what the city has to offer.

Portrait of Denise Uhl

Denise Uhl

Language Coordinator


Denise is responsible for the German language program at NYU Berlin. She coordinates the language courses and implements a variety of extra- and co-curricular activities like tutorials and language-based field trips. Denise has a degree in German Studies from the Free University of Berlin. She has been working with international students since 2006 and has worked at NYU Berlin since September 2009. 

Portrait Selin Göcmen-Enslin

Selin Göcmen-Enslin

Operations Manager


Selin manages a large number of projects as well as numerous relationships with contractors, vendors, and partners of NYU Berlin. She approaches all aspects of her work from the perspectives of sustainability, equity, and diversity. In her role as liaison for NYU campus safety, she is committed to promoting a safe environment for the NYU Berlin community, which includes coordinating and supervising pandemic-related regulations. Before joining NYU Berlin, Selin worked for start-ups in Munich and Berlin, most recently as director of operations in a company offering international relocations. Having studied sociology at Freie Universität Berlin and LMU Munich, she continues to remain engaged in discussions about gender, migration, and social justice. Although she enjoys traveling, Berlin never ceases to fascinate her with its rich history and its ever-changing districts. Feel free to approach her for tips on sustainable living, the newest shows and movies, and tips on where to find what in Berlin.

Portrait Lygia Wagner

Lygia Wagner

Finance and HR Coordinator


As Finance and HR Coordinator, Lygia oversees most matters related to Finances and Human Resources at NYU Berlin. Before joining our team in 2012, Lygia received a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University and worked in student affairs at UNLV. Though originally born in Berlin, she grew up in northern Germany before moving to cities such as Paris, Kalamazoo and Las Vegas. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring the city and the surrounding state Brandenburg with her family, watching a movie in one of many OV theaters, and simply indulging herself with a heavenly piece of cake from the cafe Sowohl als Auch near the Kulturbrauerei.

Portrait Dominik Fungipani

Dominik Fungipani

Special Projects Coordinator


Dominik is Special Projects Coordinator and as such responsible for summer programs and J-Terms, as well as IT, design and others tasks at NYU Berlin. Like so many, he originally moved to Berlin to study and would not want to leave again. He holds a Magister (think master’s degree) in North American Studies, Philosophy and Media Studies from Freie Universität Berlin. As he wrote his thesis on the changing way of narration in US television, he has a special connection to the American way of storytelling. Dominik also spent a year studying at Duke University and while there was chosen to direct a student-run production of “Hair” which made him fall in love with musicals. He cannot sing but invites you to come by any time and offer your rendition of “Good Morning Starshine.”

Portrait Pegah Hassanpour

Pegah Hassanpour

Program Assistant, Operations


Pegah is the Program Assistant, Operations at NYU Berlin and is supporting the Finance and Operations team. Before joining NYU Berlin, she completed a Master’s degree in North American Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin.  During her studies, she spent two semesters at Tulane University, New Orleans, and one semester at Université de Paris.  Originally from Hamburg, Pegah loves Berlin's vibrant energy, diversity, and cultural possibilities and appreciates the fact that every Kiez has its own unique character. Especially in the summer, Pegah enjoys going to festivals, flea markets, and having a picnic by the Spree or Landwehrkanal. Feel free to approach her for restaurant, concert, and other cultural recommendations.

Portrait Ngoc-Le Nguyen

Ngoc-Le Nguyen

Coordinator of Student Services


As Coordinator of Student Services, Ngoc-Le provides NYU students with the administrative support required for a smooth and successful academic experience in Berlin. As such, she advises students on immigration, professional and academic opportunities in Germany, volunteering in the city, and health-related matters. She is also involved in the planning and organization of cultural programming. Born and raised in Berlin, she is fascinated by the vibrant and cosmopolitan diversity the city and its manifold communities have to offer. Before joining NYU Berlin in 2017, Ngoc-Le studied North American Studies and worked at the Student Exchange Office at Freie Universität Berlin. She furthered her interest in the U.S. and transatlantic relations during her time as an exchange student in both Olympia, Washington State and Chicago, Illinois.

Portrait Samira Velazquez

Samira Velazquez

Resident Assistant


As Resident Assistant, Samira is the first point of contact for students living in the Student Residence. She strives to make the Residence a home by creating welcoming and constructive spaces. She hopes that students will leave Berlin with a feeling of personal as well as educational growth. Before joining NYU Berlin, Samira graduated from Leiden University in the Netherlands with a B.A. in International Studies and an M.A. in Asia Studies. Samira has a wide spectrum of interests and even though she was born in Berlin, she enjoys hearing about new places and discoveries the students are making in the city.

Portrait Carolina Kaemingk

Carolina Kaemingk

Resident Assistant


As a Resident Assistant, Carolina’s goal is to make students feel welcome as part of the NYU Berlin community and is happy to assist students with navigating their new home. Carolina hopes their time in Berlin will be an unforgettable experience, as she knows that living abroad is a unique opportunity to expand one’s worldview and be challenged. Born in the US and raised in Mexico in a Dutch-Mexican family, she has a BA from Oregon State University and an MA from Leiden University. Carolina is fascinated by Berlin as a place that reflects on the meaning of diversity and belonging. She appreciates getting to interact with the variety of people, cuisines, and experiences that call Berlin home.

Portrait Niklas Rehn

Niklas Rehn

GRI Program Assistant


As the GRI Program Assistant, Niklas provides administrative assistance and facilitates community building for Fellows of the Graduate Research Initiative during their stay in Berlin. His responsibilities also include operational support during summer dissertation workshops, colloquia, and other research-related programs. Before joining NYU Berlin, Niklas received a Bachelor in Instrumental Performance from NYU and a Master in Music Performance from Indiana University. He is interested in all things music and loves to hear about new ideas, performances, or other developments in the music industry. Born in Hamburg, Germany and raised bilingually, Niklas enjoys discussing the many facets of balancing multiple linguistic and cultural identities.