Indulge in your violet pride while also discovering new restaurants, enriching your reading palette, expanding your musical tastes, and more with our NYU alumni roundups. Jump below to read about these talented alumni, and get acquainted with their iconic and influential work across business, film, music, and other industries.

Quicklist: NYU Alumni-Owned Businesses | NYU Alumni Grammy Award Winners on Spotify | NYU Alumni & University Podcasts | NYU Alumni Movies to Add to Your Watchlist | NYU Alumni Poets | NYU Alumni-Authored Books

NYU Alumni-Owned Businesses

From take-out orders and food deliveries, to e-design projects and virtual counseling, check out these NYU alumni-owned businesses that are adapting their services in a socially distanced world.

NYU Alumni Grammy Award Winners on Spotify

Whether you're having a dance party for one (at home) or need some inspiring background music while you work (from home), turn up the volume with these talented alumni musicians.

NYU Alumni and University Podcasts

From the biggest business and tech news to the latest updates from experts on the COVID-19 pandemic, keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world today.

NYU Alumni Movies to Add to Your Watchlist

Whether you’re a film buff or an occasional moviegoer, start with these Oscar-winning and nominated films—all of which feature NYU alumni as cast members, directors, producers, writers, and more—to get you through the week. 

NYU Alumni Poets

Explore the collections of NYU alumni poets—from Pulitzer Prize recipients to poetry slam champions—and discover how these creative professionals are using the power of language to inspire readers around the world.

NYU Alumni-Authored Books

Calling all bookworms! Get ready to curl up with these year-round reads from award-winning and bestselling NYU alumni writers.