NYU Alumni & Friends Connect

September 15, 2021

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage month, we’re putting the spotlight on a few of our NYU Latinx- and Hispanic-owned alumni entrepreneurs. From beauty to health and wellness to travel and hospitality to legal services, NYU alumni have a little something for all your wants and needs, plus some exclusive discounts for their fellow Violets!

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This is not an exhaustive list and only highlights a small number of NYU alumni businesses. Please visit the NYU Alumni-Owned Business Directory for a more comprehensive list, including more businesses owned by our Latinx and Hispanic alumni, or to submit your business. Please note inclusion does not indicate endorsement by NYU.


dinner., founded by Erin Frederick (CAS ’13), is a female-founded company that seeks to meld delicious food and beautiful flower arrangements with sustainable business. As their infrastructure grows, they seek to not only partner with local farmers but grow and sustain their own produce and flower gardens in the communities where they are based. They recycle, they compost, they use glass reusable containers, and they pledge to donate 10% of profits to local food banks and leftover food to women’s shelters.

Discount: 20% off your first subscription (9S21V8J code does not expire)


FRASSAÏ, founded by Natalia Outeda (STERN ’09), gives everyone the opportunity to embark on a new sensorial experience, to discover one’s own unique journey, to live deeply and spark intuition through fragrance. They are a woman-owned and small-batch artistic perfumery.

Discount: NYU alumni receive 15% off any order using HELLOVIOLET15 (valid through 12/21/21).

Hudson Group Realty Network Lending

Hudson Group Realty Network (HGRN) Lending, founded by Luis Omar Figueroa (CAS ’97), is a boutique real estate broker and commercial lender. Located in the Clason Point area of the Bronx, HGRN was formed in 2012 as a direct response to the need for clients to have access to the information they needed when buying or selling property. With the many programs in New York for first time home buyers or for the information needed to complete a 1031 tax exchange, Hudson Group Realty Network Inc, is prepared to guide the client from inception to closing of a transaction.

Discount: NYU alumni receive free consultation. Contact HGRN for details.

NY Counseling Services

NY Counseling Services, founded by Antonieta Contreras (SSSW ’11), is a mental health practice that specializes in trauma, PTSD, C-PTSD, attachment trauma, and all the variations of the phenomena and its symptoms that go from depression to personality disorders. It offers services like neurofeedback, EMDR, neuromodulation, awarefulness, and other modalities that offer the best support in healing trauma. It also offers consultation, mediation, and group supervision in Trauma Studies and EMDR.

The Hedges on Blue Mountain Lake, LLC

This Adirondack rustic resort, founded by Stephen Blum (STERN ’75), is located on Blue Mountain Lake. It’s open to the public for one-week stays each year from early June until mid-October.  

Post-Traumatic Lab

Post-Traumatic Lab, founded by Izik Alequin (TSOA ’19), is a creative audiovisual studio that offers filmmaking and video game services such as editing, cinematography, sound design, and interactive design.

Mamí Acaí

Mamí Acaí, founded by Sasha Guirindongo (STEINHARDT ’11, ’12), is a mobile business that serves organic smoothie bowls. Their mission is to celebrate Mother Earth by making organic superfoods accessible and share knowledge on the healing benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.

The Arce Law Office, PLLC

The Arce Law Office, PLLC, founded by Yolanda Castro-Arce (WSC ’84), is a personal injury law firm.

It’s no surprise that there are so many Latinx and Hispanic alumni-owned businesses to support given the strong Latinx and Hispanic community at NYU and beyond. For example, have you heard of The Latinx Project at NYU? This project explores and promotes U.S. Latinx art, culture, and scholarship through creative and interdisciplinary programs. With cool and educational programming like art exhibitions featuring BIPOC artists, “charlas” or talks with forward-thinking creators, and Latinx Art Wikipedia edit-a-thons, be sure you check out one of The Latinx Project’s incredible events.

Another way to connect with the Latinx and Hispanic community at NYU is through the NYU Latinx Alumni Network. The NYU Latinx Alumni Network connects alumni who identify within the Latin American and Hispanic communities to both NYU and one another through various social, cultural, educational, and community service events in the New York City area and beyond.The group is also involved with major diversity initiatives in NYU, including collaborations with current students through the Center for Multicultural Education and Programs (CMEP), the NYU Equity Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, and NYU Alumni and Parents Weekend. Alumni who would like to opt-in to hear from the club and receive event invitations can do so at alumni.nyu.edu/opt-in.