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September 15, 2018

With Labor Day a distant memory, the fall season is upon us (in one week, to be exact)! While you’re busy making your fall bucket list (autumn in New York, anyone?), check out these NYU alumni-owned businesses to help celebrate the spirit of the season.  

Enjoy Oktoberfest with a seasonal ale...

Two hands holding beers.

@smuttynosebeer on Instagram

Smuttynose Brewery, owned by Peter Egelston (WSUC ’81)
The brewery has been running since 1994 and though its roots are grounded in coastal New England, its beer is enjoyed by beer-lovers around the globe. Read their story.

Go apple picking…  

Apples in barrels

NYU Alumni Club in Boston

Autumn Hills Orchard, owned by Ann Harris (WSC ’72)
Autumn and apple picking go hand in hand. If you’re in the Boston area, stop by Autumn Hills Orchard for this fall favorite activity.

Get spooked by a haunted Halloween tale…  

Audio book playing on a smartphone

@audible_com on Instagram

Audible, founded by Donald Katz (GSAS ’74) and Guy Story (CIMS ’80)
Looking for a scary story this October? Check out Audible’s horror section for an eerie earful.  

Decorate your Thanksgiving table…

Decorative pumpkings

@your.hearts.content via @Etsy on Instagram

Etsy, founded by Robert Kalin (GAL ’03), Chris Maguire (GAL ’04), and Haim Schoppik (GAL)
A household name for all things handmade and artsy, Etsy is the first online store to shop for the perfect autumn home decor.  

Get pumped for pumpkin flavored everything…

Pint of Ben & Jerry's pumpking cheesecake flavored ice cream

Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry’s, co-founded by Bennett Cohen (SPS ’74)
The air might be crisp, but every season should be ice cream season. Grab a partner and dig into Ben & Jerry’s pumpkin cheesecake flavored ice cream.