September 15, 2017

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When members of NYU’s class of 1967 received their diplomas half-a-century ago, they entered a world experiencing rapid and profound change: from scientific innovations including the first human-to-human heart transplant and the invention of cryogenic freezing; to enduring world events including the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War; to historic pop culture events, such as the first Super Bowl played between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs, and the release of Rolling Stone magazine. 

Mrs. Carole Lynn Isaacs Steiner

The Perstare Society, named for the Latin motto of the University, perstare et praestare (“to persevere and to excel”), honors members of NYU’s 50th anniversary class and earlier. At this year’s NYU Alumni Weekend, October 20–October 21, the University will officially induct nearly 1,600 members of the Class of 1967 into the Society.

A member of this special class, Carole Lynn Steiner (WSC ’67), reflects on her time at and since NYU:

Carole Lynn Steiner (WSC ’67)

What was your major at NYU?

I had more than one. “Retailing,” from NYU's School of Retailing [now Stern] was my first. Then I wound up with a major in journalism—wow, do I have some amazing stories about that. I had one impossible teacher who transferred to NYU from Berkley. He was a communist who was the first person to burn the American flag in a parade on Fifth Avenue! Contrary to that one, I had the pleasure and honor to take several philosophy courses with the renowned professor Sidney Hook. I was one of his few “A” students. He was a world expert on Marx and the Marxists!

What was your first job after graduating from NYU? Explain your career path.

I was supposed to go to NYU Law School, however, I was two years younger than other students having skipped two grades in grade school, so I instead decided to take a wonderful position offered to me. When I first graduated from NYU, I worked for the fifth largest medical center in the New York metropolitan area. I worked in the financial division securing grants and speaking to business groups regarding health. I later became the founder, writer, and editor of a very successful international, comprehensive health newsletter, which was published bi-monthly, with each issue covering health, sex, exercise, and diet. I aligned myself with the major institutes of health in many countries in order to receive the most current research (which I still do).

It caught the eye of the president of the largest radio station in New York (WOR) when the president/general manager of the station was visiting a friend in one of our hospitals. He called me the next morning, and I wound up furnishing WOR radio with a broad range of health tips. This was never done before! That radio experience segued, in a short period of time, into health segments on a major television network news program (ABC). So, the 1–10 minute content in health and wellness for radio and television that you see today is precisely what I originated years back.  

Photo of Alumnus Carole Lynn Steiner

What has been your greatest success, personally and/or professionally?

Personally: Saving five people’s lives and one woman’s eyesight. Professionally: Becoming a published author of a brilliant health and lifestyle book, Mybyble: For the Extended Lifespan, which has helped people the world over; also, breaking audience call-in records on Bloomberg Radio and television; also, being named the 2017 Woman of the Year by @YourGlobalBlog is tweeting weekly to its 900,000 followers Mybyble health solutions, and I have just been offered my own radio program from the biggest metropolitan New York area radio group.

What has been the biggest surprise, personally and/or professionally?

Personally: I married an NYU boy (eight years my senior) at the end of my junior year, when I turned 18. He passed on quite suddenly when I was 23. The surprise was how it changed my entire life. Professionally: The biggest surprise is the many things that I have accomplished in the worlds of business (representing in Central and Eastern Europe the infrastructure divisions of Halliburton, KBR, Tyco, GE, and Heil Company), finance (having licenses in series 7, 21, 63, and 65 in the brokerage field), and literature (being the published author of Mybyble: For the Extended Lifespan (2014; Xlibris, a division of the largest US publisher, Penguin Random House).

What would you like to say to your classmates from the Class of 1967?

That I am really from the class of 1987! Hahaha!

What is your favorite NYU memory?

  1. Lunch with my mother once a month in the elegant restaurant that was on the fourth Floor of Loeb Student Center (including on the outdoor terrace in warmer weather).
  2. Having the world of Greenwich Village opened to me.
  3. Going to the Waffle Barn for casual lunches and one beatnik cafe for pizza and music where some of the jazz greats performed.