October 15, 2022

Solidarity. Strong. Welcoming. These are just a few words that represent what the NYU Latinx Alumni Network (LAN) is to its members and communities. Hear from some of the members about how and why alumni should get involved.

“I think the most surreal experience was our Broadway Night with John Leguizamo. I still can’t believe that happened,” says Adela Hurtado (CAS ’14) when asked to share a special experience she’s had since joining the NYU Latinx Alumni Network. “An alum who worked with Leguizamo partnered with us so we could attend his show, Latin History for Morons. We received autographed books and spoke with Leguizamo after the show. We even got a group picture with him. I still remember prepping for that night, getting everyone organized for the event, and advertising it. It was wonderful.”

The NYU Latinx Alumni Network (LAN) connects alumni who identify within the Latin American and Hispanic communities to both NYU and one another through various social, cultural, educational, and community service events in the New York City area and beyond. Latinx is a term that includes and welcomes people of all gender identities, including transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive members of our communities. Some within the community may use individualized language that reflects their own experience, such as Latino, Latina, Latine, Hispanic, or specific national/regional communities (e.g., Costa Rican, Brazilian, Puerto Rican, Chicano).

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we asked a few members of LAN’s leadership team to share more with fellow Violets about who they are as a group, how they’ve evolved since their inception in 2017, and how other alumni can get involved. 

How long have you been part of the LAN, and why do you continue to show up?

Ingrid Renderos (STERN ’99, WAG ’92) (she/her/ella): I have been active for approximately three years. As a first-generation immigrant Latina, I know how important it is to have a connection. When I found out about LAN, I wanted to be part of activities that promoted LAN and had a connection to NYU. 

Adela Hurtado (CAS ’14) (she/her): I’m an artist and lawyer based in New York. I’ve been active with LAN since its inception in 2017 as a committee member! I continue to be part of this group because I’ve seen it evolve and grow over time, and it’s only gotten stronger. We went through the pandemic together too, making sure we had great [virtual] programming in place. We are a resilient group, and I’m looking forward to the future

Alexandra Garza (STEINHARDT ’17) (she/her): I’m an in-house lawyer at a media company and I’m also on the planning committee for the LAN. I wanted to join LAN because I think that it’s important to contribute to our community. We are a small, yet mighty community at NYU, and we need to share resources to help boost each other up.


What are some of the ways the NYU LAN has evolved since its inception?

Adela Hurtado: It has definitely expanded over time and grown in its ambition. We began with a few events, and then we slowly began to partner up with interesting groups and companies. 

We did a women in media panel event with HBO and even a night on Broadway with a talkback with John Leguizamo. During the pandemic, we continued organizing creative, virtual events to keep us connected. 

We’re still forming new, exciting partnerships that we will collaborate with in the next year. Despite this, we still make the effort to make volunteer events, like the one I organize every year with Citymeals on Wheels, and fun local events such as workshops.


What are some of the events or initiatives that you’re most proud of?

Ingrid Renderos: I was honored to call out the names of Latinx NYU students at this past Latine Graduation. Being on that stage and seeing so many NYU Latinx [students] crossing the stage, made me feel so happy.

Adela Hurtado: I’m most proud of our tradition of volunteer service for our community. Every year, we partner with Citymeals on Wheels to deliver food to the elderly, and we organize various events during the holidays for local children, such as toy drives. We’re branching out with new initiatives, such as our recent domestic violence workshops with Sanctuary for Families. I’m very proud of our efforts, and I’m looking forward to more opportunities to give back to our community.

In addition, we just sent our first newsletter this past summer. I’m proud to say we’re the first group to have our own newsletter, and we’ve started work on the next one.

Are there any exciting events or programs coming up for your fellow Violets to look forward to?

Adela Hurtado: Yes! We’ve brainstormed more events for the upcoming year. We also have new partnerships with The Latinx Project, The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and more. Opt-in to receive our emails, keep an eye on your inbox, and visit our social media pages to get the latest updates.

What are some of the ways folks can show support or be involved with National Hispanic Heritage month?

Ingrid Renderos: Attend any events at NYU, and just throughout NYC. Wear your traditional clothing from your country, cook your favorite typical meal from your country, have a fiesta, and share joy.


What would you like the NYU alumni community to know about the NYU LAN?

Ingrid Renderos: We are excited to bring events to the NYU community–whether it’s here in NYC or in California. There are Latinx alumni all over the country and globally. LAN allows us to enjoy each other’s company, have fun, and do good.

Adela Hurtado: We’re a warm and welcoming environment for anyone who considers themselves part of our community. We do our best to serve our community, and we can’t wait for more to join us!


Do you have any stories you want to share about your time and experience since joining the NYU LAN? 

Ingrid Renderos: One of the first events I volunteered for was the Tres Reyes event with Teatro SEA. We were asked to donate new toys, so that they could be given out on Three Kings Day in the Lower East Side. When I asked my two kids to help me, they jumped at the opportunity. They bought toys, wrapped them up, and brought the toys into the city. It warmed my heart that they were a part of this with me. I thank LAN for allowing me this opportunity to give back.


What do you hope to accomplish within NYU and what impact do you want to have on the wider community?

Ingrid Renderos: I would like to mentor NYU Latinx students. In the wider community, I would like to show that there are many talented Latinx students that will graduate and become incredibly accomplished Latinx alumni who will continue to thrive after they graduate from NYU.

Alexandra Garza: Like Ingrid said, I would love to serve as a mentor and resource for Latinx students and alumni, especially those who are considering law school or the media industry. 


How can alumni get involved with the NYU LAN? 

Adela Hurtado: Alumni can sign up for our mailing list (under Communication Preferences > Affinity Clubs) and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn about upcoming events and news, receive our newsletters, and more. 

If you’d like to be even more involved and chat about how you can contribute as a committee member in one of our subcommittees, or if you’d like to be involved in some other way, you can contact us at alumni.lat@nyu.edu. Alumni in the past have lent us event spaces, their skills, and their time. We’re always open to new collaborations and partnerships!