October 15, 2022

Volunteer Profile: Anushua Choudhury

“Volunteering at NYU, I’ve witnessed first-hand both old classmates reconnecting and new friends being made at these events, and I genuinely enjoy the opportunity to facilitate these connections,” says Anushua Choudhury (GLS ’16) [she/her/hers], who champions her Violet pride by bringing alumni together through serving on the NYU Alumni Association (NYUAA) Board and as co-chair of this year’s Alumni and Parents Weekend committee.

Anushua’s work as a proven leader and critical thinker does not stop with NYU. Currently, she is a data analyst at the New York Attorney General’s Office, where she explores, analyzes, and creates new datasets for information pertinent to the office’s investigations. Anushua is also continuing her education pursuing a degree at Brooklyn Law. She is a lifelong learner, bridge builder, and uses her voice to create new opportunities and possibilities.

How did you first become involved with the NYUAA? 

I was very involved in student life during my undergraduate years. After graduating, I immediately joined the Recent Alumni Network (RAN) because I wanted to continue my passion for community building and event planning, specifically community service events. After a few years with RAN, the Liberal Studies administration nominated me to join the umbrella alumni organization, the NYUAA. I was excited to serve as the first Global Liberal Studies grad on the Board.

Why do you stay involved with NYU? Why would you encourage other alumni to get involved?

I stay involved with NYU because I truly enjoy the events that I and other alumni leaders and groups have been able to put on. From community service events to alumni participation in All-University Games, professional development events, and social events, such as the recent evening at MoMA, there is always something going on, catering to the diverse interests of our alumni population.

I would encourage other NYU alumni to get involved because it’s honestly really fun to reconnect with old classmates and continue to grow your social and professional networks. As a perk, there is usually great food at alumni events!

Explain your involvement as a co-chair of the NYUAA’s Alumni and Parents Weekend committee.

As a co-chair of the NYUAA’s Alumni and Parents Weekend committee, my role is to work with my committee members and assist our amazing staff partner, Tim Valentine, with any decisions he needs to make. We’ve been able to provide input on different aspects of the weekend including, locations, performers, and theme!

What is new this year at Alumni and Parents Weekend?

We have a few new things at Alumni and Parents Weekend this year, starting with the theme! We’ve retired the I heart NYU logo and are now “Back Together NYU” to signify our return to in-person activities after two years of remote weekends, so that in itself is pretty exciting.

We also have two exciting additions to the weekend! First, we have a strong partnership with NYU Athletics, and they will be providing transportation to two games over the weekend, and they will also host their annual Hall of Fame.

Second, the Volunteer Recognition and Service Awards, which used to be a separate event, will now also be a part of this weekend.

Lastly, and probably what I’m most excited for, we have the Recent Alumni Party. Alumni who graduated after 2012 will be invited to reunite at Mr. Purple for an evening of food, drinks, and scenic views of the city, plus the venue is named Mr. Purple, which seems iconic in itself.

How have the past few years impacted your role as a leader in the NYU alumni community and specifically in your efforts to build community among alumni?

As an alumni leader, these past few years were certainly challenging in trying to implement quality programming that wouldn’t contribute to “zoom fatigue” or virtual burnout, whilst also providing an outlet for folks to still connect. However, it’s also allowed us to open up programming to alumni all over the world and connect with people who would not have been able to join if all of our programs were in-person in New York, so now we have to be creative and think about the right balance!

What is a surprising way you’ve used your NYU education since graduating?

I have used my NYU education in numerous ways, including literal ones. After graduating, I joined the Research and Analytics Department at the New York Attorney General’s Office. In my first few weeks, I remember being in a conference room with my colleagues and attorneys, discussing the effects of lead paint in toys. While no one was expected to know the specificities for this meeting, I was able to contribute health facts and studies that had been recently done because my senior year thesis for GLS focused on access to clean drinking water in slums. I had studied the effects of lead!

What is your favorite NYU memory?

I’m not sure how to pick just one! The majority of my friends today, I met almost ten years ago at NYU, from my first-year floor in Hayden Hall to Student Government, Alternative Breaks, and studying abroad in Buenos Aires, so all my memories with them are my favorite NYU memories. If I had to select one memory, I would say traveling through Argentina with one of my GLS friends. In our year abroad we went to Uruguay, Chile, Peru, and all over Argentina and it was an incredible year of trying new foods, wines, and seeing such beautiful places. I have all of my mementos from those trips lined up for guests to see as soon as they enter my apartment!

So our global community can get to know you better, can you share your favorite:

  • Food? Paper Masala Dosa or Xiaolongbao (soup dumplings). A few years ago I was alone in Shanghai for about 18 hours and must have eaten about 50 soup dumplings throughout the day.
  • Book? As a part-time law student right now, I haven’t had a lot of time for fun reading as of late, but Dopesick is a book my coworkers and I read to become more familiar with the opioids epidemic and contextualize our work, and it really was very moving and informative. There’s now a TV-adaptation on Hulu which was also very good.
  • TV Show and/or Movie? Gilmore Girls, New Girl, and the MINDY Project are tied. I’ve rewatched them all over a dozen times.
  • Song and/or Musical Artist? Currently, one of my favorite artists is Lizzo!
  • Place on NYU’s campus? The outside patio in Kimmel, because you have a great view of the park and it’s so fun to take a break there and people watch.
  • Way to spend a fall day? A perfect day for me must start with an espresso. After that, if I’m staying in the city, then I would be going through thrift stores in Bushwick/Williamsburg with friends. If I’m leaving the city, then it’s certainly to go apple picking or the breweries back home on Long Island.