October 15, 2017 

NYU Contracts Bookstore Operations to Follett in Order to Save Students Money

As a part of its ongoing affordability initiative, New York University has contracted with a national bookstore company, Follett Higher Education, to operate the NYU Bookstore. Follett has a demonstrated track record of being able to offer textbooks at lower prices and estimates two-million dollars in savings for students. 

NYU Bookstore

NYU Bookstore

The fall 2017 official NYU Bookstore Collection of apparel and gifts has arrived. This online look catalog features some of the newest items available at the store and online. NYU alumni can save 15% off their apparel and gift purchase, just show your NYU ID at the store or enter your number in the comment field online. Share your NYU pride at home, in the office, and around the world!

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NYU Alumni Magazine: Fall 2017

NYU Alumni Magazine cover featuring Alan Menken

The latest issue of the NYU Alumni Magazine is now online. Head home with composer Alan Menken (ARTS ’72, HON ’00), check out the Violets’ Guide to Holiday Shopping (at NYU alumni-owned businesses, of course), learn what NYU is doing to smooth the entry into both civilian and academic life for veterans, and much more. 

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Be Part of the Momentum

NYU tiled wall in NYC subway

George (CAS ’96) and Blanca Tapia (CAS ’98) met as undergrads. Upon making their gift to NYU, their three children asked why they did so. George and Blanca used the opportunity to share how NYU changed their lives and the importance of giving back.

“We told them of the amazing experiences and great people we met there. As such, they've grown to love the University through our stories and annual visits to the campus. We let them know how good it felt to give something back knowing that it would benefit others to have their own amazing experience.” Inspired, their children decided to make their own gifts to NYU. “We asked why they did that and the response was, ‘I want to help others go to NYU,’ ‘NYU is where we ALL started and I want to help people go there.’ And I can't remember who yelled it, but one of them said, ‘Now WE are all NYU!’”

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Photos from Recent Alumni Events

NYU alumni at graffiti wall in Budapest

Events for NYU alumni—like NYU alumni who traveled to Budapest, pictured on the left—take place almost every day at locations in the New York City metro area, across the US, and around the world. Check out photos from recent events on Flickr.  

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Chemists Get Step Closer to Replicating Nature with Assembly of New 3D Structures

A team of New York University chemists has created a series of three-dimensional structures that take a step closer to resembling those found in nature. The work offers insights into how enzymes are properly assembled, or folded, which could enhance our understanding of a range of diseases that result from these misfolded proteins.  

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