October 17, 2016 

Choose Your Own Adventure: Alumni Day 2016

You’re walking through Washington Square Park. It’s a crisp October day and the park is filling with violet-clad people. Where will your Alumni Day adventure take you?

Pan-Asia Alumni Conference

Join us in Hong Kong on November 5, 2016. The NYU Pan Asia Alumni Association and NYU Trustee Andre J.L. Koo (STERN ’94) invite alumni to attend the 2016 Pan Asia Alumni Conference: Thriving in a Changing World, with a special welcome by NYU President Andrew Hamilton. Hong Kong is experiencing profound change. Innovation has disrupted traditional business at unprecedented speed. The 2016 NYU Pan Asia Alumni Conference will explore how to better prepare yourself to thrive in this brave new world.

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Victoria Caña

Be Part of the Momentum: Victoria Caña (STEINHARDT ’16)

Every great dream begins with a great dreamer. Growing up in a blue-collar suburb of Las Vegas, Victoria kept her aspirations to herself, because she was told dreams only lead to disappointment. She spent her days reading, envisioning the novel she wanted to write and the college path she sought to pursue. From her first day on NYU’s campus—made possible only by generous scholarship support—Victoria walked through every door of opportunity open to her. “Every moment at NYU made me more employable, gave my life meaning, and made me believe that anything is possible,” she says. “I will never forget the impact the generosity of NYU donors has had on my life.”

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Watch NYU Alumni College Online

"Democracy is built on a foundation of political equality. In the eyes of the Constitution, we’re all the same," Anna Harvey said during NYU Alumni College on October 7. Did you miss NYU Alumni College? You can watch it online now! Watch online to hear from NYU faculty experts about the historical context and future ramifications of our current political climate.

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Are U Ready for #NYUAlumniDay?

Answer the questions below to brush up on some good #NYUAlumniDay conversation starters. We hope to see U there: nyualumni.com/alumni-day.

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Recent NYU Alumni Events

Events for NYU alumni—like the NYU Alumni Club in New Jersey volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, pictured on the left—take place almost every day at locations in the New York City metro area, across the US, and around the world. Check out photos from recent events on Flickr.

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NYU Trivia: Which NYU residence hall is allegedly still haunted by the ghosts of its former years as a speakeasy and hotel?

Submit your answer for a chance to win a limited edition NYU t-shirt!

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