We want to share a few recent messages about the Israel-Gaza conflict—messages that affirm there’s no place for hate at NYU, including antisemitism or Islamophobia—as well as a recent announcement. As you may already know, NYU was the second university in the country to condemn the terrorism in Israel by Hamas. Since then, the University shared multiple messages with the NYU community about the events happening on and near campus, which can be found at the bottom of this webpage: nyu.edu/respect. To highlight two: On October 25, NYU rolled out a 10-point plan that prioritizes our students' safety and emotional well-being, and outlines a series of steps we are taking to address this crisis; on November 1, students were assured of NYU’s commitment to enforcing our policies, which included guidance and expectations on student conduct. Yesterday, NYU announced the creation of the NYU Center for the Study of Antisemitism, which is expected to open in fall 2024.