NYU Alumni & Friends Connect

May 21, 2021

Sumit Gupta (he/him/his) (SPS ’16)

“It’s the inherent sense of community that being an NYU alum brings us as we grow, whether in New York City or around the world,” says Sumit Gupta (he/him/his) (SPS ’16), a leadership committee member for the NYU Recent Alumni Network (RAN). When shifting from student life to post-grad life, Sumit found that the dynamics and collaboration of NYU served as a bridge into the alumni community. Working behind the scenes, he learned about the vast network of opportunities that stem from alumni clubs, from just-for-fun activities like yoga and karaoke to events that enhance your career, network, and professional development.

“I believe your school peers are your best network and resource,” says Stephanie Goldberg [she/her] (STEINHARDT ’19), co-chair of RAN and graduate of NYU Steinhart’s M.A. Music Business program. With a passion for music and for bringing people together, Stephanie’s experience as a graduate student has been enriched by her involvement in the alumni community.

Stephanie Goldberg [she/her] (STEINHARDT ’19)

As the Class of 2021 become new members of the NYU alumni family, we spoke with Sumit to hear his advice for life after NYU and how being part of the NYU Recent Alumni Network has enriched his post-grad experience. He says, “being an alumni club member brings me the best part of NYU—the people.”

The NYU Recent Alumni Network (RAN) is an affinity club for alumni who have graduated from an undergraduate, graduate, or a PhD program within the past 10 years. The club hosts a variety of social, educational, community service, and mentoring opportunities throughout the year. Update your email preferences to get invited to the next NYU RAN event.

How was your experience shifting from student life to alumni life? How did you find community?

Sumit: Alumni life is something we look forward to, yet nostalgia, growth, and perspective are three key things each of us identify with when we transition from student life. I found NYU’s innate experience—the blend of group projects, varied club life, and leadership opportunities across student bodies—to be the best enabler of getting ready for alumni life.

The absolute best thing has been being connected with the community via RAN. I joined shortly after graduation and serve on its leadership committee,volunteering with year-round initiatives that create engagement, learning and career opportunities, and a way to give back to NYU.

Stephanie: Thanks to my NYU graduate program, I happen to work with several former classmates! While I don’t necessarily miss taking exams, I love that I still get to see some of my classmates during and outside of work, and that I get to apply what I learned at NYU to what I do now.  

What inspired you to get involved with the NYU alumni network?

Sumit: The NYU alumni network proved to be the biggest unique selling proposition of going to NYU, and rightfully so. The ability to meet and grow with an exceptional pool of people that share your alma mater is truly inspirational. For me, it started at a fun networking event over light fancy bites at the amazing NYU Torch Club.

Stephanie: Having loved my time at NYU as a student, I thought I might enjoy spending time working with fellow alumni, and I absolutely love it!  

How has being an alumni club member shaped your life after graduation?

Sumit: Over the years I have met people across different domains and industries via the alumni group —some of which have become lifelong friends (like family). You can be in a different city or different part of the world and connect or lean on the value of your alumni status to drive value driven networks. Additionally, when it comes to career growth or finding talent to recruit, I was able to grow across industries and tap into our talented community.

Stephanie: I love that I have gotten to meet so many wonderful alumni that I would not have otherwise.

How has being an alumni club member kept you connected to NYU?

Sumit: Being an NYU alumni club member feels like you never left. Even though we all grow across various professional and personal verticals, to be part of a global university and feel so locally connected no matter where in the world you travel is incredible. It’s a joy to come back to events and reconnect with fellow alumni as well as to have people recognize the value of NYU no matter where in the world we go.

Stephanie: In addition to meeting new alumni, I’ve learned about different NYU programs, and hear personal stories from alumni who have participated in our programs.  

What is your favorite memory with your alumni club?

Sumit: The opportunity to help lead and see behind the scenes how much fun, yet engagement and planning goes into making each alumni event successful. It’s incredible to see how people come together to make sure the event brings something to fellow alumni.

Stephanie: I appreciate our monthly RAN meetings we have because we get to brainstorm creative ways to engage with our recent alumni!

What has been your favorite alumni club event?

Sumit: My favorite initiatives have been the annual All University Games and the community events where we get to come together to give back as a group, whether in terms of our skills, fundraising, or time.

Stephanie: Bowling during the holidays (pre-pandemic), and our virtual professional development series!

What advice would you give to new graduates?

Sumit: There is truly nothing like being an NYU alum. As you grow in life, you realize the absolute lifelong value of the network that comes with your degree. If graduating from NYU was my proudest moment and the degree a prized possession, then today, a few years after graduation, it’s the people and the community I prize the most. It’s always a good day to join the NYU alumni network.

Stephanie: Know your worth. It’s the best advice one of my mentors shared with me. You are bright, educated individuals with so much to contribute to society. Don’t let that stop you from asking for what you deserve (especially with regard to compensation). Try new things. I’ve worked in a variety of roles and across a number of departments, and have loved every moment because the experiences were different and provided challenges that helped me to develop additional skills. Lastly, remember that there is always a silver lining.  

What are you looking forward to with your club this year?

Sumit: Virtual events (think cooking, yoga, and community service) and maybe some in person events, too!

Stephanie: I’m looking forward to welcoming new recent NYU alumni (including my sister!) and hopefully organizing some in-person programming so we can officially meet the new graduates.

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