May 22, 2017

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The NYU Alumni Association (NYUAA) represents all NYU alumni, from every NYU school and department—a community nearly half-a-million strong. The diverse and active NYUAA Board of Directors is made up of alumni volunteers who steer the Association in their mission to engage and support alumni. Kibi Anderson (STERN ’13) is a first-year Board Member and currently serves on the Recent Alumni and Student Programs (RASP) and By-Laws committees. An Emmy-Award winning film producer, Anderson is the head of Digital Strategy and Business Development at Bloomberg Media. Previously, she worked for ABC News, Citigroup, Indomitable Entertainment, and Broadway Federal Bank, where she honed her skills in investment banking, strategy, consulting, and business development/sales.

Shakibria “Kibi” Anderson

A Seattle native, Anderson is a former board member of the Liberty Hill Foundation, the Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce (GLAAAC) Education Fund & Foundation, Peace Over Violence, and Harvardwood, where she served as a founding board member for ten years. 

In addition to earning her MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business, where she specialized in Entertainment, Media and Technology, Finance and Entrepreneurship, she is a graduate of Harvard College.

Meet Kibi

What is your favorite:

  • Food? Thai food
  • Book? I love books too much to choose just one, but my most recent gem is called The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd, about two sisters who were early pioneers in the woman's suffrage and abolition movements in the United States.
  • TV Show and/or Movie? My favorite movie is Boomerang, starring Eddie Murphy, and my favorite TV series is Friday Night Lights.
  • Song and/or Musical Artist? As by Stevie Wonder
  • Way to spend a Saturday? Bike riding along the ocean and ending with a picnic.
  • Place to travel? Anywhere with a beach, sunshine, and a lounge chair.
  • Place on the NYU campus? Washington Square Park, although not technically part of campus; I just love its close proximity to Stern and the diversity of people and things you will see on a given day.
  • What is your favorite memory from your time at NYU?
    I visited Turkey as part of a two-week DBI study-abroad program through NYU Stern. Our first week there was amazing, and we got to experience all the beauty and history that is part of Turkey—food, architecture, music, and culture. However, the second week the Taksim Square uprisings happened, and our hotel was situated right in the heart of the Square; some members of our student group were caught up in the demonstrations and experienced tear gas, rioting, and violence that destroyed the Square eventually. We had to be evacuated under armed security to get out safely. Ironically, though it was a very scary experience at the time, in retrospect it was one of my favorite memories from my time at Stern because it truly bonded our group and it was amazing to be part of history in such a vivid and visceral way.
  • Why do you give back to NYU? I was a recipient of a full-ride tuition scholarship from Stern, which I am very grateful for. I also received mentorship from faculty like Dean [Peter] Henry, Professor Al Lieberman, and Samuel Craig, which helped me advance in my professional career, so I am eager to show the same love back to other students with the same dream that I had. I truly believe in the vision of the school's leadership to build a world-class learning institution that caters to building minds and hearts that values diversity, intellectual exceptionalism, and innovative thinking. I want to do my part to support that effort by raising money and providing thought leadership.