May 22, 2017

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Giovanni is a Gallatin graduate with a concentration in Political Economics of Globalization and Mass Media.

Giovanni Rodriguez Pino

He has already landed a full time job at a Spanish language broadcasting network, helping to grow its digital video portfolio. He has a passion for media and plans to use this passion to make an impact in the world—while staying connected to the NYU Alumni Assocation of course! 

What is your school and major?

I'm at Gallatin and my concentration is titled Political Economics of Globalization and Mass Media.

Do you plan to work in the same field as your major?

I’m not sure how to answer that in a Gallatin way but to put it simply, yes. I've recently started working full time at Fusion—the digital arm of Univision, a Spanish-Language Broadcasting Network. I've joined the team as a Strategy Analyst focussed on growing our digital video portfolio.

What did you find most valuable during your time at NYU?

What I found most valuable during my time at NYU was the extraordinary resources that an undergrad has at their disposal. That, combined with an incredibly talented and diverse student body, offers students so many life changing opportunities. With the right mindset and the proper guidance/support, I'm convinced (and have seen) that NYU students can do practically anything.

What was your favorite moment at NYU?

That's such a hard question! But if I had to narrow it down to just one, it would have to be being invited to a Mets game by President-Emeritus [John] Sexton. I was fortunate enough to be able to take his course, Baseball as A Road to God, during the spring of my junior year. Towards the end of the semester, John took us all out on a class trip to Citi Field. John's family, former students, and our TA's were all there. It was such a cool experience and it really made NYU feel smaller.

What will you miss most about being an NYU undergrad?

I'll miss the close relationships I've come to form at NYU. I've been so incredibly lucky in being able to interact with students, alumni, administration, and faculty members across the entire university. I've worked closely and collaborated with extremely passionate members of our community and that has certainly rubbed off. I'll definitely miss working with my friends in UDAR (University Development and Alumni Relations)—but I trust that these relationship will only grow stronger as an alumnus.

How are you celebrating the accomplishment of graduating and receiving your degree?

I'm preparing for the storm of latinos that will be flying into NYC for Commencement. We'll be celebrating with a family dinner and plenty of mojitos and Cuba Libres.

Do you plan to stay in NYC?

I'll be staying in NYC for the foreseeable future—actually, I'll be working out of an office building located two doors down from where my Colloquium was held.

What are your plans for the summer?

I'll be working in the city but I'm planning some trips to Miami, LA, and a return trip to Havana. My first trip to Cuba was through Gallatin's Dean Award for Summer Research. It's been a year and I'm counting down the days to go back.

Pretend it’s your 10-year reunion. What would you like to say when classmates ask what you’ve been up to?

My five-year plan has already been set in terms of continuing my education. But I'd hope to share something meaningful with my classmates at my 10-year reunion. While I know my passion for media will always drive my professional ambitions, it's the desire to leave an impact and change lives that underlie any long term plan that I may have. I plan to be an active NYU alumnus by staying involved in student affairs through the Young Alumni Leadership Circle and other alumni association groups. I will do everything I can to see the success of scholarship programs like our student-run 1831 Fund and the university's affordability campaign, along with making sure that NYU continues to embrace diversity and inclusion.