May 22, 2017

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Devon McLeod is a committed student volunteer who has used her experience to help first-year students, working as an Orientation Leader, a Support Leadership Program Guide at Stern, Vice Chair of the 1831 Fund, and more.

Devon McLeod

She says getting accepted into NYU was the best day of her life, and her dream of studying here came true when she was selected for NYU’s Martin Luther King Junior Scholars Program. Since then, she’s had amazing experiences, including watching the sun rise over the Saigon River in Vietnam and connecting with fellow students at NYU Prague 

What is your school and major?

Stern, Management and Organization

What was your favorite moment at NYU?

What an impossible question! So I have two that come to mind. The first was watching the sunrise over the Saigon River with a group of brand new and old friends on the International Studies Program trip to Vietnam. It was such a special moment to be in a place I never would've been able to visit on my own with such an awesome group of people, taking in something so simple but so beautiful. Second was one of my first nights at NYU Prague. A group of us spent the entire night sitting in the lounge in my dorm just talking about our lives and our futures. Those kind of moments created such a real connection between all of us that has persisted to this day!

What will you miss most about being an NYU undergrad?

The ease of being able to see everyone you know and love everyday! While a lot of us are staying in NYC after graduation, we're all working in different places and with different schedules. We won't be running into each other at the West Fourth Starbucks or student lounges again. I'll really miss that.

How are you celebrating the accomplishment of graduating and receiving your degree?

Right now, it's all about spending as much time with the amazing people I've met over these four years. I try to celebrate every moment just by taking in and reflecting on this incredible experience. I'm very much looking forward to my family being here in just a few days so I can celebrate with them. None of this would've happened without my parents and brother so it will be special to end this journey with them.