May 24, 2016

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NYU alumni (and students) are famous for their innovative entrepreneurial spirit. We have our diverse community to thank for start-ups-gone-right such as Seamless, founded by Jason Finger (CAS ‘99) and Pinterest, founded by Vikram Bhaskaran (STERN ‘09). This month, we’re taking a dive into some NYU alumni-founded apps that maybe you haven’t heard of before, but you should know. From social media, to navigation, to real estate, our alumni and students are setting the bar for resources on the go and in the palm of your hand. Here are just a couple:

Noodler, Founded by Michele Humes (STEINHARDT ’13)

The Noodler app shows the ingredients for making the noodles. Beef Broth, lemongrass, and egg noddles for the base, and button mushrooms, chinese broccoli, and deep-friend garlic chips for the toppings.

Who doesn’t love a warm bowl of noodle soup? Noodler’s Soup Oracle gives meal inspiration to users looking to for a good recipe. Want to try a new ingredient, but don’t know how to cook it? This app gives information about ways to purchase, prepare, and cook all of the ingredients listed in each recipe. Easy to use and rooted in the “10 Principles of Excellent Noodle Soup,” Noodler will keep you full for a long time. 

Findery, Founded by John Fox (WSUC ’89) 

Findery App Interface

Love to travel, but hate being a typical tourist? Findery is an app designed to help you get some local insight and share your stories about where you’ve been and where you want to go with other travelers. The app has a sleek, user friendly interface with tons of photos that feed your wanderlust with inspiring written and visual stories. 

Skylight, Founded by Michael Lisovetsky (STERN ’15) 

Skylight App Interface

Rooted in the belief that renting can be an actually enjoyable experience, Skylight is reimagining the renter’s experience. From finding the perfect place, to executing the deal, all the way through your monthly rent, Skylight is helping to keep their user experience stress-free and scam-free. Highlights of the app include no 12 month lease commitments, no broker fees, and once you’re settled in, automatic rent payments to your landlord. 

Fresco, Founded by Two NYU Alumni 

Fresco App Interface

Calling all aspiring photojournalists! Fresco is an app dedicated to giving users the power to tell the news through their own lens, literally. With open submissions and paid assignments, users have the opportunity to partner with more than 70 news organizations to be paid for the breaking news content they upload.