March 15, 2024

Shereen at her shop

On the quieter side of 94th and Amsterdam in Manhattan’s Upper West Side sits My Little Magic Shop. From the outside, the store offers passers by a large window looking into a charming and bright space on an otherwise mostly residential New York City block. Up three quick steps, a soon-to-be customer, or magic maker, is invited to enter through a spacious and colorful storefront owned by NYU alum Shereen Campbell (CAS ’05) [she/her]. The first question Shereen might ask a magic maker is “what’s happening in your life?” She likes to get as deep and personal with her customers as they’re comfortable with; the goal being to help start them on their spiritual, healing, and manifestation journey. 

My Little Magic Shop offers motivational, empowerment, and self-care products to help magical thinkers manifest their dreams. “I like to call it an Empowerment Hub, but others might call it a metaphysical store,” says Shereen when describing her store. These products support the events and programming she offers to the community, from yoga to tarot and astrological readings, sound healing, meditations, and more. 

For the light dabbler of esoteric practices, you’ll find candles, crystals, literature, dream catchers, card decks, sage bundles, and more, all laid out in an easy-to-follow path Shereen calls the Magic Maker Journey. The uniqueness of the store is how simple it is to make your way around it. Six stations are set up from one end to the other, each station signifying one's journey to manifesting their dreams and goals. For a beginner, this magical itinerary puts them at ease—unsure where to begin? Start at station one, Intention Valley, to set an intention. For the more seasoned wellness and spiritual customer, it becomes a choose-your-own adventure.

At the fifth and second to last station sits the most inviting area of My Little Magic Shop—the Positivity Pavilion—where events like Intro to Numerology or a mediumship workshop take place. Perched in the corner of this space is Shereen’s ancestry table, filled with photos of family that she attributes her success to—her grandma, grandad, uncle, aunt, and close family friends.

Shereen is an astrologer, shamanic practitioner, reiki master teacher, crystal healer, timeline meditation healer, and is trained in Akashic records. Beyond all of this, Shereen is light and joyful, always with a smile on her face as she shows the space. She easily shares how she got to where she is and the success that has followed her post NYU. The path itself wasn’t easy, but it is one paved by Shereen’s will and desire, strong familial connections, and the love poured into her by her community. 

Before moving to Maryland at age six, New York City was her home and Washington Square (WSQ) Park was her playground, literally. One of her fondest memories of toddlerhood was playing on the swings with her parents at the WSQ playground, which she called “my park” as a child. Shereen remembers NYU from such a young age and the desire to come back never left her. 

My Little Magic Shop Exterior

My Little Magic Shop

My Little Magic Shop, Interior

Interior of My Little Magic Shop

Young Shereen on the swings at the park

Shereen on the swings at Washington Square Park

“I was determined to come to NYU. I was obsessed with the show Felicity and the main character attended the fictional University of New York but we all knew it was based off of NYU. Either way, my mom always told me that I could do anything I put my mind to so put my mind to it I did” says Shereen, when asked what brought her back to NYC after over a decade spent in Maryland and a two year period in Jamaica. “When I was accepted into NYU, I cried. It was a dream come true. Walking through Washington Square Park as a student felt like such a full circle moment, because I felt like it was truly my park after all.”

At NYU, Shereen made lifelong friends who helped her along the way as she was starting her business. “A good friend of mine, Diarra Kilpatrick (TSOA ’05), who also went to NYU, encouraged me to ask my circle for help. She reminded me that I’d given so much and that it was my turn to receive. I made a wish list and she shared it with my community. I can be brought to tears thinking about how much they showed up for me.”

It was a culmination of her community and Shereen’s DIY and fiscally responsible spirit that made her small business possible—Facebook Marketplace, Goodwill, and driving a Uhaul truck around the city collecting furniture from businesses that were closing down. My Little Magic Shop was a group effort with Shereen forging ahead at the forefront. A special Violet touch is that said group is made up of many NYU alumni as well.  

“Those four years at NYU were some of the most fun and growth oriented years,” Shereen shares, when asked about what her time at NYU was like. “My classes were great and I loved Dean Kalb, who helped me through so many trying situations. The community I built at NYU is what I’m most proud of. It’s been close to 20 years since graduating and I still stay in touch with my NYU friends.” 

“We have a standing Sunday night dinner. We regularly text each other. I just went to a friend’s screening at NYU for her new show, Diarra from Detroit, hosted by Tisch’s The Collective. We’re always talking about ways to achieve our goals. There’s at least 15 of us. It was our experience at NYU that made us this close and encouraged us to grow together. Plus, I was a journalism major and the writing skills that I learned really helped me when I started writing astrology articles. I still write so much to this day.” 

Joe Perreta, a medium who partners with Shereen on events, walks into the store and assures us that Shereen and her store are both amazing and has been a space for community in the healing and wellness space. She then shares a personal anecdote related to the medium workshop the day before, where they may or may not have been communing with spirits. Community goes beyond the physical world at My Little Magic Shop and the word ancestor suddenly feels less abstract and beyond and more immediate, like an active mentor in Shereen’s circle of family and friends. Community means more than just those with whom we can see and touch. The way they talk so casually about it isn’t scary though. 

Joe-the-medium’s statement, however, on My Little Magic Shop being a space for community speaks to Shereen’s heart in all of this. She speaks proudly when she mentions the accessibility of the space. Events are donation-based or free, and sometimes there is a small exchange. “Everyone is going through something, everyone is working on something. No matter what your background is, you are welcome.” She extends this to the healers she works with and uses a revenue share model, since renting a space can be pricey for spiritual workers.  

Shereen’s message to alumni who are looking to start their own business is fitting of her overall vibe—easy to take in and quite powerful: “Trust that you were given your idea or vision for a reason. I don’t believe in a universe that dangles carrots in front of you without the ability to do it. Keep going after the carrot for as long as it inspires you.”