March 15, 2024

Text on Image: WE ARE NYU. This is how we do dreams

Mark your calendars for a day of global impact, shared commitment to our students, and a celebration that embraces the spirit of our University—NYU One Day. On March 27, the global NYU community, including alumni, students, faculty, staff, friends, and administrators, will be unified in an effort to transform the student experience with opportunities to support the impactful scholarships and innovative programs that enrich the very fabric of our University.

NYU One Day offers a unique opportunity for individuals worldwide to champion causes close to their hearts. With dozens of programs to choose from, the entire NYU community will help transform dreams into tangible realities, supporting initiatives that align with their individual passions while paving the way for our students to change the world. “My goal is to bridge the gap of health and accessibility in rural and urban spaces in Ghana and other developing countries. I don’t want someone’s zip code or birthplace to determine their life expectancy. My scholarship brings me closer to achieving my dream,” says Julia, a current NYU College of Arts & Science student. 

Leading up to and on NYU One Day, engage in activities and challenges, including dynamic leaderboards, offering teams opportunities to secure additional funding for their chosen initiatives.

Here are just a few of the many ways you can help build our future alumni community with us:
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Together, on this single day, we wield the potential to significantly alter the trajectories of current students, as well as those for generations to come.