June 15, 2022

Skip the big mainstream retailers producing Pride collections and go straight to the small business owners with Pride in mind all year round. For Pride month and beyond, we’re putting the spotlight on NYU LGBTQ+ alumni-owned businesses with a curated list of alumni entrepreneurs with offerings ranging from fashion to challah bread, wine spritzers to psychotherapy, and more!

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This is not an exhaustive list and only highlights a small number of NYU alumni businesses. Please visit the NYU Alumni-Owned Business Directory for a more comprehensive list or to submit your business. Please note inclusion does not indicate endorsement by NYU.

Area Stars

Founded by Arjun Marjumdar (CAS ’93), Area Stars is an LGBTQ+ and BIPOC-owned fashion brand. The design team behind Area Stars takes its inspirations from travels around the globe and interprets modern and traditional elements into handmade ready-to-wear, jewelry, handbags, and accessory collections. The brand works with the most sought-after artisans and factories to ensure that each piece embodies a sense of personal luxury.

Chollywood Challah

Founded by Spencer Perdeck (TSOA ’18), CHOLLYWOOD CHALLAH is a specialty bread company. Spencer discovered his passion for baking during the COVID-19 pandemic and has since begun baking, packaging, and delivering his delicious challah bread.

Cool Cat

Founded by Rocco Venneri (STEINHARDT ’05), Cool Cat is a line of wine spritzers in original and citrus flavors. Rocco set out on a mission to make wine "cool" for a new generation of wine drinkers.

Pond Skater Studio

Pond Skater Studio, founded by Alexis Zerafa (TANDON ’18), is a multimedia studio that specializes in social augmented reality experiences and pottery. If you or your business is in need of a custom Instagram or Snapchat effect, Pond Skater Studio can help.  

The Brew Canoe

Founded by Landon Rudd (STEINHARDT ’21), The Brew Canoe is a music and sound company specializing in custom music for streaming and content creation. They collaborate with creators to compose music and sound that reinforces their brand.

Seattle Video Marketing

Seattle Video Marketing, founded by Tim Lightell (TSOA ’01), shows your business story through video ads that offer immediate value. They are also producing feature film content.

Harris and Long Psychotherapy

Harris and Long Psychotherapy, founded by Kristin Long (STEINHARDT ’97), is a psychotherapy practice that uses art-based approaches. They endeavor to be culturally responsive and are an LGBTQAI+ affirming practice with a wide range of clinicians who work with different specialties and modalities. Harris and Long Psychotherapy make efforts to co-create safe spaces for those who go to them for psychotherapy services.

Looking for other ways to support and be part of the LGBTQ+ community at NYU? The LGBTQ+ Center is a hub where students, faculty, staff, and alumni can connect and support one another in myriad ways. Stop by or reach out to the Center to learn more about engaging with LGBTQ+ life on campus and beyond. Or contact one of NYU's many affiliated LGBTQ+ groups, organizations, or networks directly to get involved.

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