NYU Alumni & Friends Connect

June 15, 2021

Mandy Lin (GPH ’19) [she/her]

“Being a part of a NYU Alumni club helps you realize that you are part of something greater,” says Mandy Lin(GPH ’19) [she/her], a member of the NYU Alumni Club of Long Island. Filled with a vibrant social and professional life as a student, Mandy was determined to establish a burgeoning NYU connection after graduation. By exploring resources in the NYU alumni newsletter, this Violet attended an event in her area and knew it was an opportunity to get involved. Read about Mandy’s experience with the NYU Alumni Association and find a club near you.

How was your experience shifting from student life to alumni life? How did you find community?
During my time at NYU, I joined the graduate activities board (GAB), where I assisted in planning large-scale, campus-wide university programming for graduate students at NYU. When I became an alum I felt like I lost a big chunk of my social circle. To find that balance again, I started reading the weekly alumni newsletters to regain some of those connections. Eventually, I found an event that welcomed me back into the NYU community.

What inspired you to get involved with the NYU alumni network?
I was first introduced to the NYU alumni network when I was waiting to pick up my cap and gown. Being a firm believer of giving back to my alma maters, big or small, I made my way to the table and chatted with the staff as they rang up my donation [to the 1831 Fund]. However, it was not until attending an in-person NYU alumni event did I “officially” shift into the alumni life. Through the in-person event, I found a community who share the same love for NYU as me. That is how I became involved through the NYU Long Island Alumni Club and APID/A.

How has being an alumni club member shaped your life after graduation?
The NYU Alumni Association does a great job at curating events for the alumni network. These events range from mindfulness and meditation to different types of professional development courses. The virtual alumni events have exposed me to new interests I would not have discovered on my own.

How has being an alumni club member kept you connected to NYU?
Being a part of a NYU alumni club helps you realize that you are part of something greater. You might not feel that on a day-to-day basis because we are all so consumed with our everyday lives. Attending a NYU alumni event reminds you that we are part of a larger community that genuinely cares about our well-being and overall success.

What was your favorite alumni club event?
My favorite alumni club event was the NYU Alumni Club in Long Island: Volunteer Recruitment Brunch. I prefer in-person events because when I walk into the room, I know everyone wants to be there. Everyone radiates positive energy and encourages you to do more. This event swayed me to become more involved with the NYU alumni network.

What advice would you give to new graduates?
First of all, congratulations! Your years of hard work, perseverance, and determination have come to fruition. Carve out time and space for some “you” time—you earned it. Every milestone comes with its challenges but the pandemic made your journey that much more difficult. Recharging helps restore a sense of ease and self. Both of which are needed when you start a new job, continue the job hunt, or find new communities such as the NYU alumni network.

What are you looking forward to with your club this year?
I am really looking forward to the day where we can all share the same physical space again and connect face-to-face.