July 15, 2023

Volunteer Profile: Anne-Catherine Jarzaguet

Anne-Catherine Jarzaguet (LAW ’87) (she/her) serves as a leader for the NYU Alumni Club in France, one of the dozens of NYU alumni clubs around the world, that aims to connect alumni in the region through networking events, meetups, receptions, and more. With hundreds of thousands of alumni around the world, the University takes immense pride in fostering a strong sense of connection among its graduates in our global community. 

As a passionate advocate for her alma mater, Anne-Catherine dedicates her time and expertise to engaging alumni living in Europe. Her efforts not only strengthen the ties between the University and its graduates but also provide a platform for networking, professional development, and social connections within the alumni community.

From organizing after work gatherings to facilitating mentorship opportunities, her contributions make for a vibrant and thriving alumni network in France and across Europe. In 2023, Anne-Catherine’s volunteer efforts were paramount to the success of the NYU European Alumni Conference in Paris, as she helped secure space for our reception, championed speakers from the NYU Paris campus, and remained omni-present to alumni throughout the weekend. 

Read on to learn more about her profound impact on connecting and empowering alumni worldwide, what’s coming up for the club, her legal career, why she continues to stay involved, and more.

Meet Anne-Catherine:

How did you first become involved as an NYU alumni volunteer?

I graduated from the NYU School of Law a few decades ago, and the University has deeply impacted my life. As an attorney at law, I worked in Paris and raised my four boys. Later, my elder son completed his education in the United States and started working in Manhattan. Through our regular visits to him, I was reminded of my wonderful and transformative time at NYU School of Law, which motivated me to get involved with the NYU Alumni Club in France and stay connected with my fellow alumni living in Paris.

Why would you encourage other alumni to get involved?

As a member of the NYU Alumni Club in France, I actively participate in organizing various events in Paris, including after work gatherings, galette des rois (king cake) parties, and engaging conferences and conversations featuring professors from NYU Paris. These events serve as a platform for reconnecting with fellow French alumni as well as alumni from around the globe, fostering a sense of community within the NYU network. Our committee, made up of friends from diverse backgrounds from around the world, enjoys regular luncheons and warmly welcomes new alumni to join. Personally, I have found these interactions to be incredibly rewarding and enriching, providing me with invaluable experiences and insights from a wide range of perspectives.

You have been instrumental to our alumni community in Europe, what motivates you to stay active? 

Similar to my friends and fellow alumni in the Alumni Club in France, I believe that the education and opportunities we received at NYU School of Law, the Stern School of Business, and other schools and institutes have instilled in us a sense of responsibility to give back. Being part of the larger NYU Alumni Association, I find great satisfaction in actively engaging in European initiatives.

As a native of Paris, I take pleasure in contributing to this international community by leveraging my local expertise to identify exceptional locations and venues for events, and collaborating closely with the friendly Alumni Relations team based in the US! 

Does the Alumni Club in France have any events coming up?

We are pleased to share the exciting news of our upcoming mid-September after work event, set to take place on a stunning rooftop with a picturesque view of Paris. Additionally, in collaboration with NYU Paris, we are planning a career forum where NYU alumni can showcase their professions and the diverse job prospects available in France for NYU students. This event aims to facilitate connections between students and local or international companies based in France, providing them with valuable networking opportunities.

Did you have any NYU classes or instructors who inspired or majorly impacted you?

Of course! Corporate Law and International Litigation, especially Moot Courts, impacted me and my future practice of law back in France. The experience allowed me to join a major French law firm as a young associate specialized in these fields.

Would you please share your most memorable moment(s) from NYU?

Some of my best memories revolve around Washington Square Park and Mercer Street. I have fond recollections of running on the rooftop of the NYU gym and discovering Mexican food and salad bars, which I enjoyed with my fellow NYU classmates.

One moment that will forever hold a special place in my heart is my graduation ceremony, which took place near the iconic Washington Square Arch. It was a moment of immense joy, shared with my NYU peers and my parents who traveled all the way from Paris to celebrate with me.

What is something your fellow alumni would be surprised to know about you?

After my years as a lawyer, I became a farmer to produce sugar beets, wheat, barley, and rapeseed. My family has taken on an enormous project renovating an old farm, which will keep us busy for many years to come!

So that our global community can get to know you a bit better, we have a quick lightning round for you:

  • What’s a bucket list item you have? Continuing to travel around the world, experiencing different countries and continents that I have not been to, such as Australia and South America.
  • What’s your favorite day off activity in Paris? Art fairs and exhibitions, swimming, and working out.
  • What’s a place you want to travel to? Israël and Finland.
  • Favorite food? Smoked salmon and fried chicken (separately, of course)!
  • Favorite song or musical artist? Classical music. Right now, on a different note, I also like to listen to the song from the TV series Succession.
  • What’s your favorite place on NYU’s campus? Washington Square Park; I like to go back each time I visit New York with my family.