NYU Alumni & Friends Connect

January 15, 2022

Natalya (Nataly) Pasklinsky (MEYERS ’10, ’19)

Nataly Pasklinsky’s (MEYERS ’10, ’19) [she/her] violet pride runs deep. She is a double graduate of Rory Meyers College of Nursing, where in 2015, she received a Distinguished Clinical Faculty Award from the Undergraduate Nursing Student Organization in recognition of her dedication to teaching excellence and exceptional ability to lead and inspire. It’s no surprise that seven years later, she now serves as Meyers’ Executive Director of Simulation Learning.  

Beyond teaching NYU’s future generations of nurses, Nataly gives back as part of the NYU Alumni Association Board of Directors. Read on to learn more about how NYU opened unseen doors in Nataly’s career path, and what drives her passion to stay involved as a volunteer.

Natalya (Nataly) Pasklinsky (MEYERS ’10, ’19) at commencement

Meet Nataly:

You’re NYU educated (a double Violet!) and NYU employed; Why do you stay involved with NYU? Why would you encourage other alumni to get involved?

I stay involved with NYU because I bleed VIOLET! NYU has done so much for me on a personal and professional level that I want to give back with my time and expertise to help others navigate their educational and professional journeys. I would encourage other alumni to get involved because I believe we are stronger together than alone. The networking opportunities are endless and you get to meet some awesome and amazing people along the way.

How did you first become involved as an NYU alumni volunteer?

I first became involved in small projects at Rory Meyers College of Nursing like volunteering to be a mentor, hosting Dinner with Six events, and presenting when asked. I then saw greater opportunities to volunteer through joining the NYU Alumni Association Board of Directors, where I could reach a larger audience and expand my volunteer opportunities.

What’s your proudest (or most fun) moment as an alumni volunteer?

My proudest and most fun NYU moment was just recently, when I received a letter from President Hamilton asking me to go in his stead to represent NYU at the inauguration of Stony Brook’s sixth President, Maurie McInnis. I was extremely proud and touched that of all the people President Hamilton could have reached out to, I was the person he chose.

What is a surprising way you’ve used your NYU education since graduating?

I think if anyone told me 15 years ago that I’d be the executive director of Simulation Learning at NYU Meyers, I’d tell them they are crazy. I never imagined I’d end up teaching across all nursing programs at Meyers and being heavily involved in the technical aspect of education (working with high fidelity manikins that mimic human anatomy and physiologic functions etc). I always saw myself at the bedside as an RN or NP, but the opportunities NYU has given me reach above and beyond a small population, and I have the wonderful opportunity of educating the future generations of nurses.

What is your favorite NYU memory?

My favorite NYU memory is seeing my family at my graduation. I remember feeling extremely proud of what I’ve accomplished throughout the years.  

What is your favorite:

  • Food? Anything spicy
  • Book? Dare to Lead by Brene Brown
  • TV Show and/or Movie? Seinfeld
  • Podcast? 10% Happier
  • Song and/or Musical Artist? Queen
  • Place on NYU’s campus? Washington Square Park to people-watch
  • Social distancing activity? Doing face masks with my daughter as a bonding activity