NYU Alumni & Friends Connect

January 15, 2022

For many, a new year inspires a new career or new career goals. Whether you’re looking for resources to hire, be hired, or just be more intentional about your professional pursuits, these alumni-owned businesses may help you level up your work life in 2022.

Of course, NYU is pleased to offer alumni career services as a benefit through the NYU Office of Alumni Relations. There are several career centers at NYU that support alumni in their career development process. To take advantage of this alumni benefit, please review this information, and choose the career center that aligns with the school from which you matriculated.

All alumni are also invited to opt-in to hear from one of the NYU Alumni Association’s career networks, which regularly host events, including the Alumni in Arts and Entertainment, Alumni in Tech, Alumni in Nonprofits and Public Service, Entrepreneurship Alumni Network, Mid-Career Alumni Network, and NYU Blockchain Society.

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This is not an exhaustive list and only highlights a small number of NYU alumni businesses. Please visit the NYU Alumni-Owned Business Directory for a more comprehensive list or to submit your business. Please note inclusion does not indicate endorsement by NYU.

Careers & Closets

Founded by Antoinette Miller (SPS ’15), Careers & Closets offers tailored resources and techniques to support your career goals; better understand how to articulate and utilize your passions, skills, and abilities; build your resume and learn job search strategies; prepare for a promotion or job transition; and create a compelling elevator pitch and value proposition.  

Electric Brand Consultants

Beso Turazashvili (NYUAD ’14) and Dmitriy Tretyakov (NYUAD ’14) lead a team of strategists, analysts, writers, designers, developers, and managers who are passionate about helping brands find their true value for people through better and more honest communications and promises that are directed to build a better future.  

Magnum Opus

With Magnum Opus, Nicole Allen Hill (WAG ’11) has built a creator’s studio where visiting artists can feel safe to create whatever they want. From studios and creative space to production and co-work options to networking and community, Magnum Opus is a collaborative community of creatives and artists (located in Jersey City, NJ) that makes possible a safe space to network, collaborate, create, and birth your life’s greatest work.


Mindhatch, founded by Coonoor Behal (CAS ’04), helps clients solve complex business problems and design products, services, and experiences that customers love. Mindhatch helps staff stay engaged and do their work better through their Organizational ImprovTM training programs, and helps them come to strategic decisions and embrace organizational change and innovation. Mindhatch also builds team connection and overall performance through diversity and inclusion‎ experiences that help cultivate a culture that values all voices and maximizes the potential of every employee.

The Work Mood

Vinh Nguyen (STERN ’14) is the founder of The Work Mood, which creates tools to guide and support you at any point in your career journey. Whether you’re a student or new grad figuring out work, an experienced manager, or anyone in between, The Work Mood products are designed to walk you through structured, critical-thinking frameworks to help you find clarity and move you forward confidently.