NYU Alumni & Friends Connect

January 15, 2019

The NYU Alumni Association (NYUAA) represents all NYU alumni, from every NYU school and department—a community more than half-a-million strong. The diverse and active NYUAA Board of Directors is made up of alumni volunteers who steer the Association in their mission to engage and support alumni. Armin Tehrany (MED ’94) is a third-year board member and serves on the NYUAA Fundraising Committee. He has previously serviced on the NYUAA Board Membership Sub-Committee and the NYU Medical Alumni Board of Governors.  

Dr. Tehrany earned his undergraduate degree from Brooklyn College through a seven-year BA/MD program before attaining his medical degree from NYU. He is a board-certified orthopedic doctor and surgeon in Manhattan and has built a reputation as one of the best physicians in his field. Fittingly as a native New Yorker, Dr. Tehrany’s medical training included working with some of New York’s favorite sports teams: the Jets, the Rangers, and the Islanders. Beyond professional athletes, Dr. Tehrany has served the NYC community at a number of hospitals including Lenox Hill, Mount Sinai, and Hospital for Special Surgery. Among his accolades, Dr. Tehrany was sworn in as an Honorary Police Surgeon and named a top physician by New York Magazine and Castle Connolly.

Armin Tehrany (MED ’94)

Parallel to his medical career, Dr. Tehrany is a film producer. In 2015, he became an executive producer of the feature film Birth of a Nation, which tells the story of Nat Turner, the enslaved man who led a slave rebellion in 1831. Released at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, the movie was an instant hit, winning the Audience Award and Grand Jury Prize in the U.S. Dramatic Competition.

Meet Dr. Tehrany


What is your favorite…?

  • Food? It’s a tie between chicken parmigiana from [NYC restaurant] Italian Village and fesenjun, a Persian stew with beef and pomegranate.
  • Book? Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell
  • TV Show and/or Movie? The Godfather
  • Song and/or Musical Artist? Sting
  • Way to spend a Saturday? Taking our daughters to see their grandparents.
  • Place to travel? Anywhere! Everywhere!
  • Place on the NYU Campus? Washington Square Park. I love listening to the musicians play while sitting on a park bench watching students stroll by.

What is your favorite memory from your time at NYU?

Working at Bellevue Hospital. It was so exciting to be on call, especially during trauma call where we often were in surgery into the middle of the night. It was somewhat painful at that time, but now I look back on it fondly. Those experiences solidified my desire to become an orthopedic surgeon.

Why do you give back to NYU?

NYU did so much for me. My professors, mentors, and friends there really helped shape me to become the person I am. Having grown up in Staten Island and Brooklyn, I always wanted to live in Manhattan, which I consider the capital of the world. When I moved to NYU, the community was very welcoming and over the years, it has continued to be. The global mission that NYU has inspires me not only to give back, but to pay it forward.