December 15, 2018

Linda Evans (STEINHARDT ’81)

The NYU Alumni Association (NYUAA) represents all NYU alumni, from every NYU school and department—a community more than half-a-million strong. The diverse and active NYUAA Board of Directors is made up of alumni volunteers who steer the Association in their mission to engage and support alumni. Linda Evans (STEINHARDT ’81) is a fourth-year board member and co-chair of the Benefits and Services committee.

Linda earned her bachelor’s degree in music business technology from NYU and has spent her career at some of the world’s most well known entertainment and media companies, including HBO, Arista Records, AOL, and Time Warner.

Linda Evans (STEINHARDT ’81)

In 2016 she co-founded Lunch Hour Productions, a TV and film production company that focuses on authentic storytelling driven by characters viewers can root for, especially strong women, where she is also an executive producer.

Meet Linda

What is your favorite:

  • Food? Thai coconut curry with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, bok choy, and bamboo shoots
  • Book? The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore
  • TV Show and/or Movie? TV: The Newsroom, Movie: Get Out
  • Song and/or Musical Artist? Song: “Singin’ in the Rain,” Musical Artist: Imagine Dragons
  • Way to spend a Saturday? Start by reading the Sunday paper, followed by hiking or an outside activity with friends and/or family, topped off with a good dinner and delectable wine.
  • Place to travel? Europe, Hawaii, New Zealand
  • Place on the NYU campus? Washington Square Park

What is your favorite memory from your time at NYU?

Developing and producing Billy Joel's press party for his album Glass Houses.

Why do you give back to NYU?

NYU provided me with the foundation for the career of my choice. The University and my professors enabled me to experience both the performing world and producer world in theater and music. My time at NYU gave me the foundation and understanding that great entertainment is all about the story and bringing people together—how you can entertain, educate, and provide a point of view. NYU showed me how I could find work in what I love—theater, music, TV, and film, and helped me discover how stories can be told in any media.