NYU Alumni & Friends Connect

August 15, 2022

One thing we pride our Violet community on is their shared passion for life-long learning. That’s why this month, we’re spotlighting NYU alumni-owned businesses and nonprofits leading the way in education and news & media. Whether you’re looking for tutoring services, writing assistance, or a new publication to expand your mind, look no further than the NYU Alumni Owned Business Directory.

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This is not an exhaustive list and only highlights a small number of NYU alumni businesses. Please visit the NYU Alumni-Owned Business Directory for a more comprehensive list or to submit your business. Please note inclusion does not indicate endorsement by NYU.

Barbershop Books

Founded by Alvin Irby (WAG ’15), Barbershop Books helps Black boys ages 4-8 identify as readers by connecting them with fun books and by involving Black men in the boys' early reading experiences.


Elaka is a not-for-profit organization focused on educating and raising awareness on maternal health. Founded by Bibi Ndala (GPH ’19), the organization seeks to contribute to the improved condition of women and children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Kinich School

Kinich School offers a dual immersion (English and Spanish) program in which students can study from anywhere—ideal for families that move around constantly. Founded by Erik Ramirez Ruiz (STERN ’06), the project-based learning system provides academic instruction with a teacher or coach for those in grade levels 2–9.

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Kweller Prep

Founded by Frances Kweller, Esq. (SPS ’02, STEINHARDT ’04), Kweller Prep specializes in competitive middle school, high school, college, and graduate school entrance exam preparation. Class sizes are limited to 10 students and are customized around our student's needs. Classes are offered through Zoom online and in person.


Refinery 29

Refinery29 is an American multinational digital media and entertainment website focused on young women, which was founded by Justin Stefano (GAL ’03).

SVGE Magazine

Founded by Chioma Nwana (CAS ’18), SVGE provides a digital and print platform for emerging powerhouses in music, fashion, and culture.


United Arts Experience LLC

United Arts Experience, founded by Felicia Owens (STEINHARDT ’19), provides educational services in the areas of music, dance, theater, film, and illustration. Each department offers both individual and group lessons for children and young adults. 

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