December 7, 2022 UPDATE: 
Please visit our new Alumni-Owned Business Directory for the most up-to-date business listings. 

Join us in supporting and celebrating our Black alumni entrepreneurs! From wedding planning to brand management to interior design, learn more about these innovative Violets and their businesses below.

Note: This list is not exhaustive. All links below open in new tabs. Please visit the Alumni-Owned Business Directory for the most up-to-date information.)

Quicklist: Art | Blogging | Brand Management | Broadcasting | Business Administration and Management | Career Development | Catering | Coaching | Construction | Data Analysis | Dentistry | Education | Elderly Care | Engineering | Fashion | Film | Finance | Financial Technology | Fitness | Food and Beverage | Footwear | Global Education | Hair | Healthcare | Law | Marketing | Media Production | Mental Wellness & Healthcare | Natural Medicine | Non-Profit | Performing Arts | Public Health | Publishing | Real Estate | Retail | Technology | Technology Services | Wedding | Wellness


Afro Child Art

Founder: Chelsea Boatey (WAG '19)

Afro Child is a Ghanaian born, New York based artist creating paintings that translate the voices in her head into perceivable psyches. Born and raised in Ghana, her intricate culture has always been imperative to who she is and this is evident in her use of abstracted Ghanaian symbolism. With acrylic and a contemporary approach, she renders her past mental health issues and the changing scenes of life into visual capsules. Afro Child's work forces the viewer to look within their souls and be illogically intuitive. Her imagery stems from reflections of her unconscious mind creating a mystery that can only be uncovered at the convergence of the mind and soul.


Founder: Ashley-Simone McKenzie (SPS '14)

ALBOE is a multi-disciplinary, art production practice, providing a personal twist on art + culture in spaces for social interaction. All works explore the unconventional methods of creating art. While embracing the craftsmanship behind making custom collectibles by hand.


Founder: Raven Barrett (CAS '21)

"Hush NYC is a New York based clothing line founded by artist Raven Barrett. Raven connects one art form to another by using her own artwork as designs for her line. Her art usually includes a reoccurring ‘X’ over the mouth as a symbol of non-verbal communication. As art communicates with the viewer non-verbally, Raven’s work similarly relies on expressions made without the mouth. The goal is to allow viewers to look for other ways that expressions are communicated whether it’s through body language, facial expression or the lack of either."

Atelier Legrand (Visual Artist)

Founder: Yolene Legrand (STERN '75)

Yolène Legrand was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and now resides in New York. Although she originally pursued a business career (she has a Master’s degree in Finance and was an international banker for many years), her artistic interest has always remained strong. She is now a recognized international artist and muralist. Ms. Legrand taught art at the Brooklyn Museum and at other educational institutions. Various corporations, individuals and other organizations collect her paintings and her work was recently added to the Brooklyn Museum collection.

Amber Lodman Art

Founder: Amber Lodman (STEINHARDT '14)

"Amber is a contemporary artist whose art is based in personal narrative. From a young age she was drawn to bold color and pattern in her work. She explores the complexities of shared and individual identity as a black woman, as well as family, which to her shape a sense of pride, knowledge and love of self. Through creating she discovers more about herself and acknowledges that art has had a significant part in nurturing her through life. The community shaped around art has profound meaning in the work she creates."


Friendly Blaque Hottie

Founder: Alexandra Jackson (STEINHARDT '16)

"I am a young professional living and working in New York City by way of Palm Beach, Florida. Why so far from home? Why trade palm trees and intemperate comforts for sky scrappers and tiny home living? For the challenge and adventure! Natural diamonds are made with patience and pressure and that is what has molded me during my residence in the city that never sleeps. As I searched for a home to share my multifaceted projects and ideas, the decision to built a website was evident. I started this blog in 2020 as a temperamental outlet after work. Now, I runs the blog part-time, enjoy the city, build my career and travel around the world, absorbing lifestyle, culture, style and trends as I go."

The Kendra Studio

Founder: Kendra Claudette (CAS '11)

This blog is designed to inspire women to get out of their comfort zones and to get empowered to create an online home for their brands or business.

Life is Deleesh

Founder: Delesia Watson (SPS '15)

"Life is Deleesh is where I share simple ways to live in abundance + tips for beauty, style, events and everyday life. I believe we can all live the abundant life, no matter what’s in our bank accounts. It’s here that I share my gratitude, how I’m learning and growing, and of course, my shopping finds."

Skinny Fat Chick

Founder: Jamilah Lewis (SPS '20)

"Our mission is to give our honest, unbiased opinion on dining."

Brand Management

Ashleigh Jessica Taylor (TSOA '17)

Ashleigh is an actor, producer, and brand developer with a focus in telling socially conscious and relevant stories through the brands she develops and the short/ long-form content she acts in and produces.

Click Maven Media

Founder: Chelsea Maddred (STERN '20)

"I’m Chelsea, founder & CEO of Click Maven Media. I got my start in social media interning with an awesome non-profit and have since held positions at top entertainment companies such as HBO and STARZ.

I’ve also worked with The InfluenceHer Collective and Blog Meets Brand, where I further developed my knowledge of influencer marketing and campaign management.

I’m passionate about serving as a resource for others and look forward to helping you organically build your Instagram audience."

Davillier Branding

Founder: Lacy Davillier (STEINHARDT '08)

DPG Branding provides superior quality brand photography.

Rupture Studio

Founder: Nandi Welch (STERN '05)

Rupture is a brand consultancy and collective of creative problem solvers that bridges the gap between the suite and the street.

Soapbox Strategists

Founder: Catherine Cantave (STERN '10)

"We launched Soapbox Strategists in 2014, well before there was power and buzz in being a female-founded business. But we quickly realized that much of what distinguishes us from other digital media agencies--and makes us compelling to our clients--is an ethos that comes from being a company lead by women.

We value ambition, hard work and creativity, but believe we’re smarter together: A spirit of collaboration defines our culture and team. As women, we consider multitasking, being fully present and always working hands-on to be our superpowers. Understanding that it’s no longer enough to think just in terms of executional milestones, we look at every day as a chance to let ideas live, evolve and breathe in a digital environment...but never without measurable KPIs.

While our clients span a diverse range--fashion, beauty, lifestyle, real estate and more--our full suite of digital media services has a proven track record of effectiveness, no matter the industry or client size. What gets us moving in the morning is finding solutions to a good challenge. Bring us yours."

VisuWall Technologies

Founder: Kobi Wu (STERN '15)

VisuWall is engagement and computer vision technology applied to storefronts for consumer insights about the physical journey that are most valuable to advertisers, retailers and brands.


Aries Vision LLC

Founder: Ronald LaPorte (STEINHARDT '99)

AVL TV (Aries Vision) is a Haitian American news and entertainment based free television channel owned by Aries Vision LLC.

Business Administration and Management

Arelis HR

Founder: Arelis Baird (SCPS '98)

"We provide Human Resources Consulting services off-site. We are your Virtual Human Resources Consulting Partner. We provide businesses with the human resources expertise that's essential to running their business."

CG Global Management Solutions, LLC

Founder: Ayo Jemiri (TANDON '07)

"CG Global Management Solutions, LLC. [CG Global] provides data-driven management and technology solutions that help clients impact their strategic goals & objectives through strategic planning, implementation and monitoring & evaluation of results. We provided services to commercial, not-for-profit and government organizations."

Dentsu Aegis Network

Founder: G. Christopher Madison (GSAS '99)

We provide growth solutions and expert services that open up new business opportunities across the entire customer journey.

Hexient Solutions

Founder: Siyabonga Matchaba (STERN '19)

Builds non-technical skills assessments that enable organizations to identify high performing talent for the digital world.

K Tapestry

Founder: Karen Renee Lucas (CAS '05)

A rapidly growing HR retention strategies management firm.

Smart EDI Solutions LLC

Founder: Nicole Smart (SPS '09)

"Smart EDI Solutions provides consulting services to help organizations bridge the gap between their business and people strategy. We help clients determine if their leadership, teams and culture are well suited and aligned to their business strategy. We then leverage the best talent optimization tools to help clients hire the right people - the best and diverse talent - and how to manage and inspire them to achieve optimal results."

Fellow alumni receive a 10% discount on the hourly rate. Contact us for details.

Career Development


Founder: Riley Jones (LAW '20)

"We use artificial intelligence to create and facilitate opportunity pathways for the new economy." Resume Builder + Job Search CRM

C-Track Training

Founder: Lawrese Brown (STEINHARDT '16)

Hunter Gatherers, LLC.

Founder: Alexandra Jackson (STEINHARDT '16)

"As a Recruiter and HR Professional, I want to encourage and enlighten those of you on the path to career success! Check out the insightful interviews below with professionals and SMEs across various industries as they share what it takes to land a job and navigate the career space. Also, be sure to check out my career services page for personalized support on your career journey!

I’ve done the leg work for you (gathering information), now its your turn to put these tips and anecdotes into practice as you hunt for and succeed in your perfect career path!

I am offering discounted mock interview and resume critiques to NYU alumni. Just email for more information!"


Founder: Amber Ward (STEINHARDT '18)

"At Songathon, we connect songwriters with the tools and resources they need to be successful at every stage in their careers.

We created Songathon, the only in-person songwriting competition that brings together songwriters for eventful weekends of collaboration, competition, and mentorship.

Led by a team of life-long musicians, we’re a company by creators for creators."


Wedding-MD and Taste Buds Required

Founder: Martine Dardignac (CAS ’02)

Wedding planner and catering company.


CGR Consulting

Founder: Cheryl Green Rosario (WAG '03)

"Cheryl Green Rosario has almost three decades of experience in supporting excellence in corporate social responsibility, foundations, government, and nonprofit arenas. Through strong interpersonal skills and ability to build relationships with a broad range of individuals and groups from many different backgrounds, I am able to drive strategic programs with social impact. Integrity and honesty are at the core of my work.

Throughout my career, I have advocated for communities of color, people with disabilities and women and girls, often utilizing the arts to address social issues, build understanding about the importance of historic places and help people engage with one another.

My approach combines open and transparent communication and an ability to listen and engage all voices and stakeholders in a direct but diplomatic manner, which has been a hallmark of my work for many years.

I look forward to working with your organization!"

Dynamic Transitions Psychological Consulting, LLP

Founder: Richard Orbe-Austin, PhD (CAS '95)

"We facilitate active sessions targeting issues that are manifesting in your professional and personal life and help you make long-lasting change to remove barriers that are impeding your dreams."

The Equity Project

Founder: Martha St. Jean (STEINHARDT '07)

"The Equity Project partners with diverse leaders and learners in examining the practices, structures, and policies shaping the collective conscience. The company organizes and leads inquiry-based conversations to examine beliefs, attitudes, and values to deepen comprehension about the history of race and racism. Participants are invited to consider their lived experiences and engage in purposeful practices that promote personal and organizational transformation."

Evolving Conversations

Founder: Francine Mends (CAS '03)

"Ever feel like you're just not connecting with your partner or friends? Not sure how to start off a deep conversation with someone new? Ditch the Small Talk Challenge. You'll learn 5 easy strategies to get from small talk into meaningful conversations."

L.E.A.R.N. Coaching & Consulting

Founder: Michelle Lewis-Mondesir (STEINHARDT '07)

Provides coaching and consulting services for business owners, educators, and childcare providers.

Let's Converse

Founder: April Nadine Gurley (SSSW '05)

"Let’s Converse, LLC provides a multitude of services, all promoting the same goal, “conversation.” Conversation is needed in all aspects of life. Whether there is a disconnect in the workforce between management and employees or there is a group of people who want to build a stronger bond, Let’s Converse, LLC can help. We provide services to both individuals and organizations that encourage healthy communication and the building of positive relationships. By offering speaking engagements, consultation, workshops and training, Let’s Converse, LLC aims to create environments conducive for growth so our clients can be their best selves and strive towards excellence."

Next Level SHIFT

Founder: Kaye-De-Ann Rattray (MEYERS '06, '16)

"We are a coaching program which helps success Black Fatherless Daughters heal deep ancestral (inter-generational) trauma; getting them the knowing " I am enough."

I discovered while working as a Psychiatric Nurse practitioner that the underlying theme that held back many of my patients stemmed from a core belief of unworthiness , and 9/10 times this belief developed in childhood. I would see outwardly successful Black women, with internal wars, because their fathers were not physically or emotionally present. Additionally, their mother also helped to continue the "fatherless daughter cycle" unconsciously of course because she too was "fatherless."

As the world goes through a external revolution, I believe for true progress to be made within the Black community, inter-generation pain needs to be healed. My program is will help to facilitate the healing process, for the Black community."

Pearls & Fabulous Leadership Studio L.L.C.

Founder: Andrea L Granville (SPS '06)

"I’m a leadership strategist empowerment speaker, seasoned human resources executive, certified image consultant, and workplace equality advocate with over 20 years of leadership experience."

SeeWai Consulting LLC

Founder: Hazel Stanislaus-See Wai (STERN '92, WAG '94)

"SeeWai Consulting LLC is a HR consulting business. I provide a broad spectrum of HR services and levels of interaction, customized for each engagement, and dependent on my clients’ priorities and the degree of help and participation they desire:

  1. Interim HR Department Leader or Sr. HR Business Partner: I fill short term, temporary HR capacity and capability needs of my clients and lead recruitment efforts for key HR roles.
  2. Advisory Services: I serve as a sounding board for plans and ideas and technique source for implementation steps, devil's advocate on key moves and third-party objective review source. I meet with the HR leader and other stakeholders for formal and informal discussions, to conduct needs assessments, and present finding and recommendations.
  3. Consultative/Collaborative Services: I work with employees identified by HR to help them plan their career and with their accountabilities as exemplars to others. I recommend adjustments to systems and procedures that require modification to work optimally.
  4. HR Projects and Priorities: I help translate HR strategy into actionable tactical plans. I help leaders prioritize initiatives and provide project management support for projects. I may also act as subject matter expert (SME) and technical leader on HR projects which are time sensitive and impactful:
  • HRIS implementation
  • Sourcing & Recruitment
  • Job classification
  • Career Development planning

Strategic HR Services: I may assist HR with planning and execution of strategic HR priorities – which could include:

  1.  Organization Design: Align structure with business plan and re-align roles for optimal efficiency
  2. Culture & Communication: Employee engagement survey and action planning
  3. Succession Planning and Talent Management

Identify key roles, top performers and successors
Develop key employees for retention and future leadership roles"


Sullivan General Contracting, LLC

Founder: Milo S Sullivan (SPS '96)

We will provide our customers with the best quality, workmanship and professionlism in every project we do. We pride ourselves on total customer satisfaction, and being the most reliable source for Residential and Commercial general contracting in Georgia.

We are a goal-oriented company, and we place a high premium on flexibility, originality and dedication. Our first priority is to deliver what we promise, and we fully understand the importance of deadlines and budget limitations. Our team shares a passion for creative designs, original solutions and longstanding expertise in the field.

Every project is important to us. Regardless of its size and scope, Sullivan General Contracting, LLC, throws the full weight of it's team behind your project to deliver the results you've come to expect from us."

Data Analysis

Bridge to College Inc

Founder: Vielka Hoy (STEINHARDT '99)

Bridge to College is an advanced search tool that uses dynamic data sources, research, and machine learning to analyze your unique circumstances and show you the colleges where you’ll thrive both before and after graduation.


Flatirons Endodontics, LLC

Founder: Brooke Benson-Redpath (DEN '99)

Flatirons Endodontics specializes in endodontic procedures using state-of-the art equipment, digital xrays, microscopes, apex locators, and intraoral cameras.


Blossom Academy

Founder: Jeph Acheampong (CAS '16)

"We founded Blossom Academy to create a pathway where top talent across Africa with diverse academic backgrounds can build the knowledge, skills, and abilities to reach their potential as analytics professionals and leverage those talents and skills to contribute to the global economy.

We are offering 20% discounts to fellow alumni interested in hiring remote data science talent from Accra-Ghana."

The Diversity Org

Founder: Joshua Pierce (TSOA '18)

"The Diversity Org provides high school assemblies that educate underserved students about how to acquire economic success, we assist in attracting students to our college readiness nonprofit partners and we allow students to participate in skills based workshops with employees at large corporations."


Founder: Samantha Pratt (STEINHARDT '15)

"Our mission is to ensure that all children feel psychologically safe in every environment. We do this by using technology to amplify the voices of youth, promote socio-emotional well-being, and increase the effectiveness of existing interventions. Our ed tech product helps students cope with complex trauma while at school.

We account for funding issues and mental health program gaps by providing an easily accessible socio-emotional learning tool to students. KlickEngage allows students to report their mood daily through a research-based short survey to receive tools that help students name their emotions and cope. The system works to increase student engagement without added work for teachers or schools."

Teachers and Writers Collaborative, Inc.

Founder: Asari Beale (CAS '96)

"Teachers & Writers Collaborative (T&W) educates the imagination by offering innovative creative writing programs for people of all ages and by providing a variety of publications and resources to support learning through the literary arts. T&W programs include writing workshops for students, art programs for older adults, professional development for educators, managing the NYS Poetry Out Loud competition, and publishing Teachers & Writers Magazine and other resources about the teaching of creative writing."

Elderly Care

Pearl Long Term Care Solutions

Founder: Myisha Gatson (WAG '09)

Offers long term care solutions for the elderly by providing affordable access by shaping mutually beneficial relationships between providers and those seeking care.


Martha & Alexander Engineering Co.

Founder: Candace Agonafir (TANDON '17)

"Martha & Alexander Engineering Co., founded by PE and MSc. engineers with a combined professional experience of over 50 years, places an emphasis on the core value of Ethics, with the main objective being Efficiency.​​

Located in Greenwich, CT., M&A Engineering serves Connecticut and the New York City metropolitan area, including Westchester County.

Martha & Alexander Engineering Co. is New York State certified WBE and MBE and State of Connecticut certified MBE."


Designs by Tee LLC

Founder: Tamara Dopwell (SSSW '11)

The act of perceiving, understanding, experiencing, and responding to the emotional state and ideas of another person. Designs by Tee was initiated when a Brooklyn Social Worker realized she did not have the money necessary to provide assistance to individuals she came into contact with on a day to day basis. After discussion with a colleague, she decided to find a way to fund her efforts independently. Social workers are known to be innovative, but not always fashionably creative. Her strong faith in God and love for humanity is the driving force behind her inspiration in designs. Tee is humbled and continues to remain true to her passion. It is for this reason 10% of all sales go to providing assistance to local disadvantaged children and families in Brooklyn NYC. Not only will you look fashionable but you are helping reach someone in need. Use code NYUTee10 at checkout.

House of Irawo

Founder: Ama Ikomi (STERN '17)

"“Irawo” translates to Stars in Yoruba. Our goal is to make every woman glow with style and elegance, which we refer to as the “Star power” effect. In a nutshell, we create trendy, ready-to wear, and custom pieces for women not only in Nigeria but in Africa and the whole world at large. At House of Irawo we understand that fashion is a form of self-expression and this is why we strive to provide high quality one-of-a-kind pieces at an affordable price."

The Instylist

Founder: Danielle Donovan (LAW '13)

"The Instylist is a wardrobe consulting company that offers full-scale personal styling services, image consulting, bridal styling, and personal shopping for “every day” women. The Instylist’s mission is to empower women of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and walks of life to look, feel, and live like the women they want to be, by inspiring and sharing with each client the knowledge and the skills it takes to get dressed boldly, confidently, and in a manner that is authentic to who she is and the message she wants to project to the world."

Love Kysh

Founder: Markysha Douglas (STEINHARDT '15, SSSW '19)

"Love Kysh represents the ever-growing culture of innovative Boss Babes. Our goal is to celebrate women of all shapes, sizes, and shades. We pride ourselves on the ability to empower you to be confident and express your style through the latest trends without breaking the bank.

Love Kysh's dedication to fashion, style, and making you look and feel great is thought out carefully with each piece that is hand selected and designed.

We recognize individuality. We see you."

Use code: NYU for 15% off your purchase.

New York Fashion Geek

Founder: Reginald Ferguson (STERN '90)

"The very first step is to have a consultation (30 minutes). It’s the best way to determine what your needs are in terms of your look and your wardrobe goals. From there, we go to closet inventory (minimum an hour). We want to make sure everything in there works, fits and makes sense. We especially don’t want to purchase things you already have. Anything that you can’t use we are going to give away to the Bowery Mission.

After that, we go shopping together and that’s where the real fun begins."

SEBR, Inc.

Founder: W. Harte (CAS '94)

"For the woman who embodies the "can do anything" mentality, discover the KSR WORD ring collection today."

SheSpoke Suits

Founder: Brittany Leach (WAG '19)
Co-founder: Yolanda Rayside (WAG '20)

Well-fitted, affordable suiting for women who are in college and grad-school.

Complementary coaching resources to ensure you are prepared for whatever comes your way.

Studio 189

Founder: Abrima Erwiah (STERN '02, GAL '16)

Studio One Eighty Nine co-founded by Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah, is an artisan produced fashion lifestyle brand and social enterprise that has recently won the prestigious CFDA Lexus Fashion Initiative for Sustainability.  

West Fourth

Founder: Alicia Burks (STERN '17)

West Fourth is a brand of stain lined hats that provide warmth and protect hair from harsh winter elements that can lead to dryness and breakage.


AMGO Group

Founder: Nana Osei Aboagye (TANDON '20)

"Our mission goes beyond commerce and technology and it is simply to create a platform to protect intellectual property, to fight piracy and to contribute to the growth of the continent’s movie industry."


Unlimited Financial Services LLC

Founder: Sharif Muhammad (CAS '97, STERN '00)

Sharif is a licensed certified public accountant, certified financial planner® professional, stock broker, investment advisor representative, and life & health insurance producer that provides accounting, tax, consulting and financial planning services to a variety of clients, which include individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations, municipalities and non-profit organizations. They work primarily with middle-income and affluent clientele, and where applicable, provide pro bono services to low-income constituents via non-profit partnerships and their firm’s commitment to community service.

Vantage Pointe Planning LLC

Founder: Feraud Calixte (CAS '06)

"Financial planning service that strives to provide perspective and clarity as it relates to your financial life. Our financial planning process is comprehensive and we want to make sure we are consistently delivering value to our clients."

Financial Technology

Esusu Financial

Founder: Abbey Wemimo (Wemimo Samson Abbey) (WAG '15)

Esusu is the leading financial technology company providing data solutions for the low-to-middle-income consumer.


Bio Balance and Flow, LLC

Founder: Jasmine E. Henry (STERN '17)

Inclusive wellness for busy people.

Harlem Cycle

Founder: Tammeca Rochester (STERN '11)

"Harlem's first cycling boutique, at Harlem Cycle we believe in a total body workout. Check out our unique combination classes that not only include the intensity of cycling but the power of strength and core training."

Food and Beverage

''57 Chocolate

Founder: Priscilla Addison (WAG '13)

Revolutionary artisanal chocolate made from bean to bar by a dynamic duo of Pan-African sisters. Pioneered in Accra, Ghana, ‘57 Chocolate is on a mission to revive Ghana’s 1957 “can-do spirit”.

Booze Scoops

Founder: Krystal Gittens (WAG '16)

"Founded in June 2020, amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic, Booze Scoops set out to create liquor-infused frozen treats with common cocktails in mind. With four simple flavors - Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, and Raspberry - the Booze Scoops brand was born. Handcrafted in The Bronx, Booze Scoops uses all natural ingredients and locally sourced fresh fruit in all products.

Inspired by the rich and exotic culture of the Caribbean, Booze Scoop’s sorbet and ice cream build on familiar island ingredients coupled with common liquor offerings. The menu offering showcases a boozy mix of sorbet, ice cream, and popsicles. Krystal Gittens is the Chief Creative Office and mastermind behind Booze Scoops’s frozen treats menu, which transports you to the soft beaches and the clear blue waters of the islands."

NYU10 for 10% off all orders. No expiration date.

Devil's Reef Cinnamon Spiced Rum

Founder: Troy Bigby (CAS '99)

Make and distribute their own spiced rum and provides the recipe for coquito and other alcoholic beverages on their website.


Founder: Sabrina Grandchamps Brockman (TANDON ’04)

Haitian restaurant

Lakou Cafe

Founder: Cassandre Davilmar (LAW '13)

A Brooklyn cafe and event space in the heart of Crown Heights.

Olaide’s Kitchen

Founder: Abigail Tella (SGPH '16)

Olaide’s kitchen started as a catering business in chef Olaide’s home kitchen. 15 years later it has expanded into the restaurant space.

Chef Olaide combines knowledge passed down through her family along with culinary training to create classic west African cuisine in a modern way.


Founder: Surafel (STERN '20)

"We believe teff is the future of food.

Our purpose is to invest in rural communities by creating deliciously sustainable teff snacks that give back. Simple ingredients. Ethiopian inspired flavors.

Join our tasting club to get 2 free bars, just pay for shipping."

Yo Stay Hungry

Founder: Syreeta Gates (TSOA '20)

Yo Stay Hungry is a live culinary competition that bridges hip-hop with food and beverage.




Founders: Jibolu “J.G.” Ayodele (STERN '12) and Taffi (Woolward) Ayodele (SPS '02, CAS '04, STERN '13)

"At Thando's we are creating a platform for African artists to design for a global audience. We initiate design competitions to crowdsource our designs from aspiring African artists."

Global Education

Mentor Africa Foundation

Founder: Ibrahim Lamah (STERN '17)

Mentor Africa Foundation aspires to build human capital in the African continent for global impact by providing young people with tools for personal and professional success through mentorship.

Turnkey Educational Group, LLC

Founder: Sulaiman Jenkins (STEINHARDT '04)

"Turnkey Educational Group, LLC has extensive experience in the Middle East, particularly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as North Africa for over 12 years. Over these 12 years, there has been a salient expansion of English language and professional development services offered to various institutions around the world at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels or private/governmental institutions seeking to train employees in the English language to gain access to other important fields of knowledge. While the number of services has increased, that hasn’t necessarily meant a proliferation of quality. The saturation of the market with subpar performers has created a need for premier training and language solutions that deliver the service effectively as well as one that accommodates and facilitates the end user’s every need. Realizing that there was a void that needed to be filled, Turnkey Educational Group, LLC was born. Based on local and international experience, a world class educational foundation, extensive collaboration with other market leaders, and the commitment to excellence, Turnkey Educational Group, LLC envisions the birth and growth of a company unmatched in delivering quality, effective, and customized training and editorial solutions for local and global clients."



Founder: Danielle Ramos (SPS '04)

Hair stylist who works primarily with hair extensions.

The Ronnie Shop

Founder: Garonne Decossard (SPS '07)

"I have always been attracted to ways of healing the body naturally. When I started to lose my hair, I followed doctor's orders and saw minimal improvement. As a result, I went on a mission to find a way to treat my scalp with natural remedies. Through my research and trials, I create a hair oil that has helped me, my family and many of my friends dealing with hair loss. I was able to create a formula that smells delicious yet was able to improve the condition of my hair and scalp. After much prodding from my loved ones, I decided to make it available for sale to the public. “Ronnie’s Scalp Oil” entered the market in January 2015."


Founder: Alois Monger (STERN '12)

"The app offers personalized hair care recommendations and a digital marketplace to buy, sell or trade new and used hair products. We hope this curl community will get you hooked on your curls by encouraging self-love and self-confidence. We may even make (or save) you a bit of extra cash along the way."


Gear Up with CPR

Founder: Sasha Cesar (CAS '09)

"Our courses include First Aid, CPR, Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Heartsaver CPR & AED, Heartsaver First Aid, and so much more. Click on our schedule or our calendar in order to register for a class."

Use promo code CPR5

Lawrence Executive Alliance Of Professionals (LEAP) LLC

Founder: Dr. Clayton Lawrence (CAS '90)

"Our mission is to globally provide competent and caring medical professionals for your comprehensive healthcare solutions, whether your need be for staffing or medical claims review. We stand committed to the tenet that every aspect of medicine is an art that we deliver to our clients with the efficiency of a strong business model. When called into action, we LEAP and provide excellence."

Parts Of Speech, A Speech-Language Pathology PLLC

Founder: Geneva Mayne (STEINHARDT '01)

Geneva Mayne is a speech-language pathologist with over fifteen years experience habilitating and rehabilitating communication skills in people throughout the lifespan (birth – adulthood).


Elissa I. Henry Law Firm PLLC

Founder: Elissa Henry (LS '09, CAS '11)

Providing affordable legal services to meet your needs.

Jean-Louis Law, P.C.

Founder: Merlyne Jean-Louis (CAS '06)

"Jean-Louis Law is a business and entertainment law firm that provides legal support to all types of creatives (including podcasters, influencers, dancers, bloggers, and content creators) and entrepreneurs during every step of their business journeys."

Mays Law Group PC

Founder: Jakgeem Mays (STEINHARDT '97)

"Based in Los Angeles and New York, Mays Law Group provides a full range of scalable services including representation of new and established recording artists, songwriters, music producers and artist managers; on-camera talent; television and film producers (including production legal, pre-publication and pre-broadcast review); complex deal structuring; and business strategy. The firm has represented Jesse Collins Entertainment (BET Awards, New Edition Story, American Soul, Sunday Best), film and television actress Kyla Pratt (Dr. Doolittle, One On One, Let’s Stay Together), Grammy nominated, multi-platinum music producer Megahertz (Bad Boy For Life, Got Ur Self A Gun, Gotta Make It To Heaven) and a host of developing and established producers, artists, production companies, record labels, executives and entrepreneurs."


Antonio R. Thompson Marketing

Founder: Antonio Thompson (STEINHARDT '04, '06)

Helping businesses grow and amplify their impact by using paid ads and chat marketing.

Kind of Cool Creative, LLC

Founder: Chelsea Trout (GAL '15)

"Kind of Cool is a non-traditional marketing studio bringing life, humor and soul to the channels of brands large & small. We believe that creativity & taste make lasting impressions, and marketing is an art above an ad spend. We live for the double-take, the ability to understand and effect culture, and for hearing you say, “hey, that’s kind of cool.”"

The LVLS Group

Founder: Qyana Agina (STEINHARDT '17)

"The LVLS Group is a full service strategic marketing and branding agency with a focus on the entertainment, beauty, and fashion industries. We were formed by merging our authentic cultural connections with our years of corporate experience. What was birthed was a company comprised of millennial brand-builders who tap into the unique DNA of brands to craft custom solutions that give them an authentic and effective voice."

Media Production


Founder: Camry A’Keen (GSAS '21)

"At Λ’ΚΕΕΝ we truly believe anything is possible if you can vision it. However, we also know that the journey to realize that vision fully, dare we say ‘KEENLY: bringing it from the imagination into the reality can be a taxing, trying and daunting. At Λ’ΚΕΕΝ we align seemingly disparate creative disciplines and processes to help our clients locate their vision, build and fortify integrations to support that vision and ultimately effectively translate and that vision to the world in the form of value. Λ’ΚΕΕΝ is a modern creative agency and production company designed to help visionaries deliver value – ‘KEENLY!

Free resources for women who are pregnant or thinking about being pregnant: just use code BLACKWOMENMATTER"

Bushwick Film Festival

Founder: Kweighbaye Kotee (STEINHARDT '09)

The Bushwick Film Festival (BFF) is an MWBE certified independent film, media, and event production company in Brooklyn, NY.

Côte d’Azur Webfest

Founder: Clinton H. Wallace (STEINHARDT '95)

Côte d’Azur Webfest is the first international web festival on the French Riviera dedicated to presenting, recognizing and advancing short-form digital content from around the world.

Transcendent Enterprise

Founder: Chris Alvarez (TANDON '06)

"Transcendent Enterprise is a video production company that specializes in content creation, 4k production, editing, live streaming and photography in a variety of different industries and fields of work. We are passionate about providing the latest and most up-to-date services in the video production in New York. Considered by many industry insiders as one of the best video production companies in NYC, our services are diverse and truly show our depth in experience as a video production company. These services can span across multiple uses: conference, corporate video production, commercials, promotional videos and interview videos. 10% discount for alumni."

Mental Wellness & Healthcare

Juliet Bennett-Skeete (SSSW '99)

"If you are struggling with unresolved trauma, grief or loss, if you are trying to cope with depression or anxiety, if you and your partner have forgotten your love language, reach out. As a compassionate listener I provide a judgment free, supportive environment. I am now offering teletherapy so that you can receive support in the comfort of your chosen venue at flexible times. I am a Licensed Clinical Social worker with extensive clinical experience in hospitals, clinics and private practice settings."

black girls breathing

Founder: Jasmine Marie (STERN '13)

"black girls breathing creates a safe space for Black womxn to actively manage their mental health via breathwork. With our virtual breathwork circles, we're making mental health services accessible through sliding scale options. Our community has over 6,000 Black womxn located around the globe. Visit here to support our work to continue making it accessible."

Fetherson & Knight Psychological Services, LLC

Founder: Donald E. Knight, PhD (STEINHARDT '99)

"Fetherson & Knight Psychological Services, LLC is committed to and invested in service delivery of best clinical practices whether its psychological services for adults, consultation for organizations, or outreach in communities. We understand and treat individualized concerns from a holistic perspective while providing multicultural responsive services. The staff at Fetherson & Knight Psychological Services have extensive training and experience in the services we provide and we take into account the emotional, physical, social, environmental, and spiritual factors that are barriers to overall mental wellness.

Educating and supporting individuals of diverse backgrounds with a multitude of wellness and psychological services in local communities is paramount to Fetherson & Knight Psychological Services. Our mission is to increase access to quality care by meeting individuals, organizations, and communities where they are."

Melton Psychology Group, LLC

Founder: Michelle Melton (SPS '02, STEINHARDT '04)

Provides mental health services, like teletherapy and stress management.


Founder: Olivia Byrd (SSSW '19)

Providing a variety of services, including, but not limited to, mental health, holistic, doula/midwifery, and yoga. They also have a shop where a portion of the proceeds will be allocated towards funding their "soulutionary" grants. The "soulutionary" grants will provide people of color access to mental health services of their choice.

Natural Medicine

Moon Mother Apothecary

Founder: Suhaly Bautista-Carolina (CAS '08, '11)

Moon Mother Apothecary makes and distributes herbal products.


Barbershop Books

Executive Director: Alvin Irby (WAG '15)

"Help Black boys ages 4-8 to identify as readers by connecting fun books to a male-centered space and by involving Black men in boys' early reading experiences."

Change for Kids

Executive Director: Kevin Ervin (WAG '18)

Services for young people in schools.


Founder: Bibi Ndala (GPH '19)

"Elaka is a not-for-profit organization focused on educating and raising awareness on maternal health. As a promise, our organization seeks to contribute to the improved condition of women and children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo."

Performing Arts

Soul Circle LLC

Founder: Saharra Dixon (STEINHARDT '20)

"Soul Circle aims to foster healing, resiliency, advocacy, and action through movement, theatre, and art-making to continue the fight towards a more loving and just world. Soul Circle offers a plethora of movement and theatre classes and community outreach that range from developing the young artist, learning and listening to our body & minds, and using theatre as a tool for behavioral and social change."

Public Health

Urban Indigenous Collective

Founder: Sutton King (GPH '20)

Driving the inclusion of Urban Natives by indigenizing existing infrastructures and ensuring cultural humility in health and wellness services to build more equitable, inclusive and prosperous communities.


Odom Media Management

Founder: Monica Odom (SPS '14)

Odom Media Management is a multifaceted, career-focused literary agency specializing in the discovery, development, and elevation of voices and stories that have been historically hushed.

Boasting a dynamic, distinguished client list of authors and illustrators, including numerous New York Times bestsellers and award winning authors, OMM seeks to affirm the intersectional experience with intention, integrity and impact. We represent authors and illustrators who share in and embody this vision through their creative work.

SVGE Magazine

Founder: Chioma Nwana (CAS '18)

Providing a digital and print platform for emerging powerhouses in music, fashion, and culture.

Real Estate

Dalos and Stern

Founder: Baba Ogunro (STERN '20)

"Nervous about your property adventure? Don’t be. Whether you're getting ready to buy or sell, in the middle of it, or just looking for some answers, our top-notch skills ensure you get the best experience possible. It’s what we love to do."

London Realty International

Founder: Lonnee Hamilton (TSOA '96)

"London Realty International was created to bring a high level of bespoke customer experience to the London and European property markets. We offer a range of property services to fit the needs of our clients."


All Good Things

Founder: Nidaa Ombali (SPS '21)

All Good Things is an online marketplace to bring small sustainable businesses to the masses. Curated and selected for the conscious and modern day woman.


Founder: Gloria McNeill (STERN '85)

"AURADeCOR is a new company that launched in 2019. Our mission is to provide cultures with trendy products used to design and inspire our customer's environment. Set your own vibe and find your inspiration with us."

Bailey & Ava

Founder: Laurena Allert (STERN '91, '97)

"The Bailey & Ava line of costumes and accessories are handmade in Brooklyn, NY with a strong European influence. We have something for every occasion, whether a birthday or costume party, Halloween trick-or-treating, a Broadway play and more! You'll find everything from a fierce Amazonian warrior princess to the belle of the ball."

Beta Teen

Founder: Danielle Mareka Elizabeth Murray (CAS '19)

Online seller of clothing.

Busayo NYC

Founder: Busayo Olupona (LAW '05)

"I started Busayo because of our belief in the power of color to communicate the dynamism, personality and nuances of the individual. Our clothes communicate so much about who we are. I grew up in Nigeria and wanted to continue to explore our traditions and the ways in which our past traditions inform the present. Textiles are such a rich medium to connect the past with the present.

We love hearing from our customers, please stay in touch with us. You can email us at all times at"

Cremello Studio

Founder: Irina Erickson (GAL '20)

"We Create exclusive organizers completely designed and made in house to finally shipped to you."


Founder: Haby Barry (STEINHARDT '08)

Haby Barry, a Guinean American of Fulani descent started Fulaba to share an African jewelry tradition with the world and set the standard by providing quality, authentic Fulani earrings and bracelets from Guinea. However, she didn't stop there as she developed signature pieces and recently added Wolof jewelry from Senegal.

The Land of Mirrors

Founder: Dani Myers Frierson (STEINHARDT '21)

"The Land of Mirrors is a carefully curated experience dedicated to total inner reflection and self-care. It is envisioned to be a safe space of empathy, self-introspection, and mindfulness. The Land of Mirrors is where you go to bloom unequivocally and without judgment. It is also, a place of realization that you are constantly evolving, growing, and finding peace during the journey; whatever that may look like."

Discount code: NYUALUM, no expiration

Neolaia Skincare

Founder: Karen Sivertsen (CAS '91)

"It is Neolaía®’s passion, and that of its founder, to provide you with Best Natural Skin Care Products crafted with the best quality natural ingredients (including plants, oils, herbs, and botanicals) that are rich in the nourishing substances proven effective, based on scientific research, to facilitate your skin’s ability to look and feel healthy and beautiful. The result is a line of handcrafted products that utilize beneficial plant and natural ingredients, many of which are USDA Organic Certified. Neolaía® products are handcrafted in small batches and contain some of the best natural ingredients to impart a fresh, healthy and naturally beautiful glow and appearance to your skin at any age.

NYU10. 10% off all products. No expiration date."

Orrin, LLC

Founder: Orrin Campbell (STERN '17)

Online seller of clothing and toys.

Robin Wilson Home

Founder: Robin Wilson (SPS '03)

"Robin's life mission is to recognize that 1 in 4 people suffer from allergies or asthma (over 60 million people), and with her Clean Design message, she hopes to educate consumers about hypoallergenic options. To achieve her goals, she has written two books, spoken to media and audiences about simple solutions for their personal ecosystem - home! With a personal medical journey of allergies and asthma, she is an expert on creating an eco-healthy lifestyle. In 2010, Robin became the 2nd black woman with products sold at Bed Bath & Beyond. One year earlier, she became the first woman to have a line of custom cabinetry sold nationwide at 400 retail shops - with sales of over $82 million (wholesale). She launched her furniture line at the 2013 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York. She was named a brand ambassador for Panasonic USA (2014-15) and created a national media campaign as an expert on clean design for a leading pharmaceutical firm."


Founder: Latoya Allison (CAS '06, STEINHARDT '08)

"ternPaks products are specifically designed and tested to engage and entertain kiddos while en-route to making memories!"


Founder: Lynda Assi (SPS '16)

Touche Accessories sells handbags and accessories.

Washa Candles

Founder: Gladwell Mwangi (SPS '16)

"Washa means ‘bring to light’ in Swahili.

All our candles are safely hand-poured in Gladwell's kitchen and are designed with the intention to celebrate kutlure through art and scent.

We invite you to spark your light and live life with purpose."

NYUBELIT for 10% off any order

The Whistling Thorn

Founder: Jakki Kerubo (GSAS '13)

"The Whistling Thorn products are designed to help city dwellers give their skin enough of what it needs to maintain balance in harsh urban environments. The line also contains aromatic oils that promote a sense of well-being. They’re made in small batches in Brooklyn, New York."



Founder: Madilynn Beck (TSOA '05)

"Fountful, a consumer services app, ushers in a divergent way of approaching the "extras" in life. The on-demand convenience of Lyft and Doordash is exclusive to ride-sharing and quick-service no longer. Fountful provides freedom from the traditional marketplace by untetherting the person from the place. A Specialist in health/wellness, hospitality, or entertainment from Fountful can provide their expertise to a Client in the comfort of their own home, rental or underneath a million stars.

NYU alums can send an email to SUBJECT: NYU Alum for a free download of the app once launched.

We're currently offering a pre-launch deal, waived on-boarding fee (Value of $50). I'll extend that to the NYU community using code/subject line: FOUNFTULNYU"


Executive Director: Tyler Benjamin (GAL '17)

NYC has over 80,000 apartment buildings. Heyharbor provides you with tailored insights and connects you with those who know the neighborhood best.

Technology Services

Cezar AV

Founder: Ronald Williams (STERN '92)

"In 2004, Ronald Williams started Cezar Audio Visual. Initially, Cezar Audio Visual was a local AV provider for the pharmaceutical industry in the NYC metro area. However, due to the word of mouth regarding the excellent service Cezar Audio Visual provided, by 2008 Cezar Audio Visual had grown to a nationwide Computer, AV and ARS provider for hotel chains and almost every major industry in the nation."


Davis Row

Founder: Allison Davis (SPS '06, CAS '08)

We offer planning services designed to suit small weddings (roughly 75 guests or fewer) or larger, more logistically-complex weddings (roughly 75+ guests).

Xclusive Services

Founder: Trisha Chavis (SPS '18)

"Welcome! My name is Trisha Sanyal Chavis, founder of Xclusive Services, a full service wedding & event planning company. I specialize in creating unforgettable events of your dreams and will handle every level of logistical planning of your event. Our team will help you conceptually and visually with all décor related elements and facilitate/manage all vendor communication so information is centralized. With over 8 years of event management experience, we specialize in very in depth and comprehensive wedding planning but service other types of events (showers, anniversaries, birthdays, dinners, etc).

I look forward to making your next event Xclusive."


The Better Spot

Founder: Madilynn Beck (TSOA '05)

"Madilynn Beck, Founder+CEO, combined variety, accessibilty and fair cost models to devise The Better Spot. The attractive GenX approach of fluid workspaces, with the cost-effective business model of shared workspaces is what makes TBS an ideal approach for the burgeoning wellcare professional, but targeting the needs of the young professionals and coining the term "cost-conscious" wasn't enough for Beck. She threw in today's cultural obsession of instant access and economical membership and you have The Better Spot.

Send an email SUBJECT: Tisch Hook-Up and receive a link to the app for free!""


Founders: Trinity Mouzon Wofford (CAS '15, MEYERS '15) and Issey Kobori-Hotchkiss (STEINHARDT '15)

"I co-founded Golde with my partner Issey Kobori in 2017 with the mission of bringing good vibes to the wellness industry. We're an independent, Brooklyn-born brand centered in making superfood-boosted essentials for health and beauty. Our products are always natural, easy, and (most importantly) fun."