#NYUAlumni, students want to hear from you!

NYU alumni, students want to hear from you! NYU has moved course instruction online to keep the NYU community healthy and to curb the spread of the coronavirus. This is a new experience for most students, who are used to a collaborative in-person academic environment.

Let’s remind students that no matter where they are, they’re part of a world-wide NYU network. DM us a message of support to NYU students! Share advice for telecommuting or just a positive thought.

Send us your message to share with students on Facebook, Instagram, or send a note here. And together, we’ll all feel a little more connected.

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From Anonymous on Facebook:

Hi there NYU students! I am an alum, and I am sending a virtual hug, high five, and support to you at this time. 9-11 was my first day of class when I was a freshman, so I can totally relate to an out-of-the-ordinary and potentially scary situation while in school. Just know that this too shall pass, and if anything, you'll see the city of New York and your NYU community in a more supportive and caring way than you ever could have imagined at this time. Please know that you are connected to each other, to your school, and to the whole community even if you are experiencing it remotely at this time. We're all here for you, and we will all get through this. Please stay safe and healthy for the sake of everyone. You're in my thoughts.

From Stern alumna Heather Anderson on Facebook:

Know that you are a part of the fabric of NYC. Your city and your community are on the front lines of this pandemic...setting an example and leading the way. While your path will be different than any of those that have come before you, your NYU alumni community is here to welcome and support you. Stay strong and stay connected. We are stronger together.  

From Liliana Cartagena on Facebook:

You are loved, you are cherished, you are embraced and you are appreciated profoundly!
Go Violets! Try to enjoy your online classes, embrace it as a unique challenge and lifetime experience. For comparison, I used to re-listen to my professors' recorded lectures on my car tape deck during my 1+ hour drive down to the W 4th St campus a few nights a week, and again on the drive home, while navigating the streets and whacky drivers of NYC! 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

From Rafael Hernandez (SPS, Schack '17) on Facebook:

NYU students! Hang in there! You live in the greatest city within the greatest country in the world! Stay home, stay safe and keep up the great work with online courses!

From Lorita Watson on Facebook:

Make sure to join in the discussion, it will help you stay engaged. Ask questions, clarify statements, etc. give examples. I think online gives one time to be more thoughtful in their response especially in an asynchronous learning environment.

From Nurullah (GSAS '10) on Twitter:

As an alumnus from Turkey, I think NYU students will overcome these tough days and continue their desire to keep learning and make most of their potential using the benefits of the technology. As a self-employed consultant who works at home, you can never guess what can be achieved by telecommuting. If you are a NYU student, do not demoralize, keep the pace of your self-studies, integrate with the technology as much as you can, socially distance yourself but do not lose touch with other NYU fellows. Hopefully, days that you enjoy the Washington Sq. Park will come again! Stay safe everybody.

From the messages on Instagram:

I am a proud two-time NYU alum, and I am will continue to happily shout this from rooftops. Despite the uncertainty and anxiousness about what's to come, an NYU should never forget the ability to persevere is high; the ability to excel is bountiful. Use this time at home to reflect and reconnect.
Dear students, stay strong! We are so proud of you. I know these times are uncertain and at times scary. But take courage. Choose joy. You can do this. Pandemics don’t last forever. Be the changemakers and take advantage of this time to be innovators. We are so proud of you. Keep shining!
Stay safe, heed the warnings from the experts, and know that our struggles in life develop our strengths.

We will be better for this in the end...if we work together.
Together we stand in tight formation against the invisible enemy. Together we conquer, violets go!
You are a part of one of the best communities in the US. Times are hard but no one said it will be easy! Stay strong. The violet pride will take over Corona.
Inhale. Meditate. Hydrate. Get outside. Don’t forget to stretch. Ask for help when you need it. We will get through this time together!
Violet pride forever♡♡ Hugs and kisses from a CAS 2013 grad.
1. Set work/office hours.
2. Create goals/tasks you want to work on during the top half and bottom half of the day. Write them down or add to your task mgt app.
3. Stay hydrated.
4. Coffee! ️(and more water)
4. Hang in there!
This is a great opportunity to take a moment to yourself to self-reflect as well as set short term and long term goals for both your career and life! Always look at the bright side and you'll be surprised at how productive this could be!
Andrà tutto bene.
Salut NYU!! Sending good and positive vibes from France! Even though this is a difficult time, we will get through this.