Dear alumni, parents, and friends,  

Let me share with you the developments that I have been sharing with students and parents about NYU’s actions surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and NYU’s actions in support of the health and safety of our students and public health.

Last week, we began the transition to holding classes remotely and will do so through the end of the spring semester. Students and other members of the NYU community have adjusted to this change quickly and well, and are carrying on. One of NYU's characteristics is that when things seem challenging, our community is at its best.

We also made some other important announcements this week:

  • Most NYU administrators are now teleworking.
  • The winter and spring seasons for our athletic teams have been cancelled.
  • Our continental European, London, Tel Aviv, and Buenos Aires Study Abroad sites have suspended in-person classes.

To be clear, NYU is open and we are carrying on our classes and administrative operations, albeit in both cases using remote technologies.

Additionally, in support of public health, the NYU Office of Alumni Relations and NYU Alumni Association are postponing, converting to online programming, or cancelling all in-person events scheduled between now and April 19. While in-person events and programming are important ways to keep our network strong and active, we feel it prudent to exercise an abundance of caution at this time. Visit here to see how you can stay connected online.

We know students would love to hear from you, to remind students that no matter where they are, they’re part of a worldwide NYU network. Share a message of support to NYU students, advice for telecommuting, or just a positive thought. Send us your message to share with students through Facebook or Instagram. And together, we’ll all feel a little more connected.

This semester has been unprecedented in so many ways—for me, notwithstanding my 40 years in higher education, and for NYU. It remains my hope and wish—and the faculty and students' as well—that circumstances will allow us to return to normal relatively soon, though admittedly actions to combat the virus are becoming more sweeping, not less. We are well-prepared and well-positioned, and rest assured that whatever comes, we will maintain the hard work necessary to ensure that NYU meets its commitment to the education of its students.

Be well. Stay safe and healthy.

Andrew Hamilton