Forbes 30 Under 30, North America 2024 - Image of 3 honorees

Join us in congratulating the NYU alumni who were named on Forbes' 2024 "30 Under 30" list! (link opens in new tab) NYU alumni from four schools were honored in 9 of the 20 categories.

Check out the honorees below.

Quicklist: Arts & Style | Consumer Tech | Education | Enterprise TechnologyHollywood and Entertainment | MediaMusic | ScienceSocial Media | Venture Capital

Arts & Style

  • Sam Kapp (CAS '17), Co-Founder, Kapp Kapp
  • Sophia Wilson (TSOA), Photographer

Consumer Technology

  • Mir Hwang (LS, CAS '19), Co-Founder, GigFinesse


  • Niko McCarty (GSAS '22), Learning Specialist at MIT

Enterprise Technology

  • Andriy Mulyar (CIMS), Co-founder, Nomic

Hollywood and Entertainment

  • Martin McGrath Herlihy (TSOA '19), Comedian, "Please Don't Destroy"
  • John Higgins (CAS '18), Comedian, "Please Don't Destroy"
  • Jesse Light (GAL '16, TSOA '17), Head of Development, Haymaker East Content
  • Benjamin T. Marshall (LS, TSOA '17), Comedian, "Please Don't Destroy"
  • Emma Seligman (LS, TSOA '17), Director
  • Rachel Sennott (TSOA '18), Actor
  • Celeste Yim (TSOA '20), Writing Supervisor, Saturday Night Live


  • Atalie Gimmel (CAS '17), Associate Director, Social Media, Vogue


  • Jasper Lee Harris (TSOA), Producer
  • Madison Love (TSOA '17), Songwriter

Social Media

  • Jack Byrne (GAL '23), Sidetalk
  • Trent Simonian (TSOA '23), Sidetalk

Venture Capital

  • Geri Kirilova (STERN '16), Managing Partner, Laconia
  • Karthik Ramakrishnan (STERN '16), Partner, IVP

And a special congratulations to:

  • Taylor Cassidy (Student) in Social Media as a Creator
  • Nialah Wilson-Small (Faculty) in Science as Industry Assistant Professor, NYU Tandon

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