The NYUAA is led by a volunteer Board of Directors, which includes representatives from all NYU schools. The NYUAA works collaboratively with the Office of Alumni Relations to advise and develop strategies towards the organizational mission and advancement of NYU and its alumni. View a full list of upcoming events.

Flagship Programs & Events

Board Officers: 2023–2024

Nikolai A.T.M. Wolfe TANDON '09, '11

Nikolai A.T.M. Wolfe (TANDON ’09, ’11) 

NYUAA President

Helen Arteaga

Helen Arteaga 
(CAS '99)

NYUAA Vice President

Corey Blay (STERN '14, WAG '14)

Corey Blay
(STERN ’14, WAG ’14)

NYUAA Vice President

Michael Brandon Hengerer

Michael B. Hengerer (GAL ’16, LAW '23)

NYUAA Board Secretary

Elio Martinez (LAW '85)

Elio Martinez
(LAW ’85)

NYUAA Vice President

Elana Nathan

Elana Nathan
(GAL ’94)

NYUAA Vice President

Kelly Joy Otter

Kelly Joyce Otter (STEINHARDT ’02)

NYUAA Vice President

Board Members: 2023–2024

Board Committees