NYU Alumni Club in Westchester

Alumni of Westchester was organized to give those of us who are just outside of the city, the ability to engage regularly with other NYU Alumni and celebrate our community. All of our events are in Westchester County and celebrate the diversity that is our Alumni. Whatever your school, profession, or graduating year, we welcome you, your family, friends and guests! Let’s enjoy Westchester together!  To get involved, please email us.alumni@nyu.edu.

Also be sure to like the NYU Alumni Club in Westchester on Facebook to stay up to date on news and events.  

Upcoming Events

Below you will find events open to alumni from all NYU schools, hosted by the NYU Alumni Club in Westchester. Visit the events calendar for a list of all upcoming NYU alumni events. If you're not receiving invitations to events in your area of residence, please take a few minutes to update your contact information.

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