NYU Alumni Club in New Jersey

The NYU Alumni Club in New Jersey is one of NYU's largest regional clubs. The planning committee for the New Jersey club is currently planning activities and networking events for area alumni. The mission of the NYU Alumni Club in New Jersey is threefold:

  • To reconnect alumni with NYU and fellow alumni in their region;
  • to create enriching, shared experiences across the US under the "NYU flag;"
  • and to promote the NYU brand within the New Jersey community.

Please contact the committee at alumni.newjersey@nyu.edu if you have any questions or would like to get involved.

Quicklist: Events | Club Leadership

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Upcoming Events

Below you will find events open to alumni from all NYU schools, hosted by the NYU Alumni Club in New Jersey. Visit the events calendar for a list of all upcoming NYU alumni events. If you're not receiving invitations to events in your area of residence, please take a few minutes to update your contact information.

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Club Leadership

Rahul Bhatia (CAS ’98)

Rahul Bhatia | Co-President
CAS ’98 | Bergen County
Fun fact: I used to ride a Kawasaki Ninja 600 sports bike.

Sammie Nunziata (SPS ’21)

Sammie Nunziata | Co-President
SPS ’21 | Hudson County
Fun fact: I have never eaten a sandwich.

Nadia Vizueta (CAS ‘03)

Nadia Vizueta | Vice-President
CAS ‘03 | Union County
Fun Fact: I became a volunteer EMT at age 16.

Alina Acevedo (SPS ’21)

Alina Acevedo | Communications Leader
SPS ’21 | Bergen County
Fun Fact: I absolutely hate scary movies

Claire Sashi (SPS ‘04)

Claire Sashi | Communications Leader
SPS ‘04 | Union County
Fun Fact: I have traveled to 16 countries; 12 during my time working at NYU.

Tiffany Bai (CAS ’19)

Tiffany Bai | Events Leader
CAS ’19 | Hunterdon County
Fun Fact: I play the piano and flute.

Tracy Chiu

Tracy Chiu | Events Leader
GSAS '22 | Essex County
Fun fact: I am wilderness first aid certified.

Christian Savino

Christian Savino | Events Leader
SPS ’20 | Morris County
Fun Fact: I am a fashion model!

Renee Thekkekara (CAS ’00)

Renee Thekkekara | Events Leader
CAS ’00 | Bergen County
Fun Fact: I once bungee jumped off a cliff in Mexico.