Hosted by NYU Libraries, check out these online workshops and discussions on NYU's vast collection of industry-leading titles, research, and thought leadership.

Getting to Know: Special Collections at NYU Libraries


Meet members of the Special Collections staff as they discuss the histories of their collections and collecting policies, and the recent unification of the University Archives, Tamiment Library and Wagner Labor Archives, and Fales Library and Special Collections into one Special Collections team. We’ll be joined by our team of curators and public services staff, who will tell us what they’re excited about right now, including new acquisitions and upcoming events.

Critical Topics in Food: Let's Ask Marion!


Please join Food Studies pioneer, Marion Nestle, as she sits down with Clark Wolf to discuss her most recent book, Let's Ask Marion: What You Need to Know About the Politics of Food, Nutrition, and Health. Marion and Clark will explore the social, political, and economic issues that give rise to our contemporary food systems and culture.

Getting to Know: Accessibility (A11y) in The Libraries


Join our accessibility team to learn about some of the initiatives underway at NYU Libraries that support more universal accessibility for our users with disabilities.

In web design and programming, the word 'Accessibility' is "often abbreviated to the numeronym, a11y, where the number 11 refers to the number of letters omitted" (computer accessibility, 2020). It also invokes the term, 'ally,' a commitment that NYU Libraries seeks to honor through providing equitable access to collections, services, and physical and virtual spaces.

Getting to Know: How to Read Like a Researcher


Join Stephen Maher, Librarian for Psychology and Social Work, for a workshop designed to show you how researchers read scholarly literature and how you can too! You'll also develop "information awareness" skills without contracting "information overload."

Getting to Know: May Day Update from the Tamiment Library


Join Shannon O'Neill and Mike Koncewicz of the Tamiment-Wagner Collections to learn more about newly acquired and processed materials in the Tamiment. The Tamiment-Wagner Collections document histories of social movements, labor, the Left, and political radicalism.

Grabbing Tea: Conversations in Queer Librarianship Info Session


How are queer librarians engaging with each other and communities? Join Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz (NYU Libraries) and Sara A. Howard (Princeton University Library) as they outline topics of interest to queer and library communities, and engage queer community and librarian participants in a brainstorming activity for topics that are relevant to them and are considering for submission into a book project: Grabbing Tea: Queer Conversations in Librarianship, to be published by Litwin Books.

Transforming a Collection into Data: The Soul of Reason Community Project


Join NYU Libraries and faculty for their discussion about NYU Libraries' collection of radio broadcasts created by Dr. Roscoe Brown, showcasing Black and Puerto Rican art, scholarship, and life in New York City from 1971-1978. These recordings are part of the Records of the Institute of African American Affairs in NYU Special Collections.