Violet Talks Connecting Students to Industry Professionals Learn From Alumni And Network with Fellow Students

Violet Talks

The Violet Talks Program is a series of virtual events that provide an opportunity for students to connect with alumni based on career interest and network with fellow students who share similar professional goals. For alumni, it’s an opportunity to mentor students, share their experience, and make a difference in a future generation.

Violet Talks will be held as one virtual event with multiple breakout rooms with alumni host across many industries on Monday, November 16th from 6:00 to 7:00 PM.

If you're an alum who is interested in facilitating a breakout session, please complete the Violet Talks form by November 5, 2021.

Special Thanks to our Spring ’21 Violet Talk hosts. We are grateful to have alumni who also contribute to student life at NYU.

Michelle Perchuk (STEINHARDT ’94)
Ariana Sedighpour (STEINHARDT ’19)
Kevin Vincent Collymore (STEINHARDT ’20)
Anthony Rossi (CAS ’04)
Anshita Lalwani (TANDON ’20)
Alan Gallo (STERN ’87, ’90)
Mike Chen (NYUSH ’17)
Mark Refowitz (HEIGHTS ’72)

Violet Talks create an impactful experience for students and alumni. As some of our past participants have commented:

“I think it is extremely important to have alumni in strategic conversations with students; both sides have so much to gain.”

“I thought the experience was relaxing, enjoyable, and generally a great way to connect with alumni during this quarantine season. It's a very innovative event that definitely allows our NYU community to stick together despite being separated.”

“My host was very candid and honest with all of us, and gave us a lot of great insight into post-grad life and the job search process”

Violet Talks with Michelle Perchuk


Michelle shares professional insight about gaining clarity and navigating through one's career with current students.