Empire state building

Welcome to New York

New York City is comprised of five boroughs, and throughout the boroughs there are hundreds of distinct neighborhoods, many with a history and character all their own. As you get to know the city, you’ll discover pockets of international culture, galleries, tucked-away parks, street art, pop-up shops, theatres, start-ups, and anything else you can imagine. 

Getting Around

New York City is a large metropolis, but with a little planning—and the use of maps—it can be easy to navigate. Most of Manhattan’s streets form a grid with streets running east and west and avenues running north and south. Street numbers increase as you travel north (10th Street is north of 4th Street), and avenue numbers increase as you travel west (5th Avenue is west of 2nd Avenue). Broadway is the only street in Manhattan that travels the full length of the island and is not a part of the grid.

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Experience the East Coast

With New York as your home base, it’s easy to take affordable trips by bus or train to explore New England. These are just a few weekend destinations that are popular with our students:

Boston, MA (220 miles)
Philadelphia, PA (100 miles)
Washington, DC (230 miles)
Baltimore, MD (200 miles)
Atlantic City, NJ (130 miles)
Killington, VT (270 miles)